Psychic Medium Test – Failed Results

Psychic Medium Test

We thought we’d cover a psychic medium test carried out by researchers at Goldsmiths, University of London. We offer fantastic psychic training in certain modules on this site but we felt it was important to cover both sides of the coin (so to speak!).

The two psychics covered in this article claimed to have been the ‘real deal’ but seem to have come up short when tested by the scientific community.

All of us have psychic abilities but not all of us are truthful about their effectiveness…

The Psychic Medium Test

The researchers at Goldsmiths finally came to the conclusion that the pair of psychics they were investigating were not what they seemed.

Simply put they did not exhibit any special psychic powers.

The challenge was set up and took place over Halloween 2012. The psychic medium test was an attempt to investigate whether professional mediums could demonstrate their psychic powers in a controlled setting.

The Psychic Medium Test

The test was built so that it could monitor whether the pair of psychics were able to deduce certain things. In this instance the pair were invited to deduce something about individuals they had never met before.

As well as this they were not able to see or even hear the individuals they were making the deductions about.

Psychic Energy Levels

Chris French is the head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths and he carefully constructed the tests.

The main task of this specialized test was for the two psychic individuals to pen something down about five of these strangers who were placed behind a screen.

Goldsmiths, University of London
Goldsmiths, University of London

Once they had made psychic notes on each of these strangers the writings were gathered and offered to the strangers themselves. They were then asked to identify themselves through what had been written down. Only one out of the five strangers managed to identify themselves through the text they had read.

Professor French was adamant that the test was set up fairly and correctly stating that:

“This was a result that was entirely consistent with the operation of chance alone”

It didn’t take long for one of the mediums, Patricia Putt, to have her say on the matter. She claimed that the psychic medium test was not really up to standard as she required certain things for her psychic powers to work efficiently.

She said that in order for her to get strong and reliable readings she needed to work face-to-face with people. She also claimed that doing these sort of readings without hearing the individuals voice results in a low connection.

According to Patricia Putt psychic energy levels would be to low in the setting created for the experiment. She also claimed that her success rates were usually second to none. She deduced that the entire psychic medium test was designed to confirm the researchers’ preconceptions – it was not designed to look into her psychic ability!


Patricia Putt feels that scientists are very closed-minded and believe all psychics should be tarred with the same brush.

She also admits there are A LOT of fraudsters out there looking to make a quick buck and they seem to tarnish the reputation of the ‘real’ psychics.

The test was backed by Michael Marshall of the Merseyside Skeptics Society. He feels that the results of the psychic medium test show us that these so called psychics “aren’t based in reality”.

So what are your opinions on these two psychics – did they simply fail to pass this scientific test or were they victims of a single minded community?

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4 comments on “Psychic Medium Test – Failed Results

  1. I being a psychic medium myself feel that the scientific community doesn’t know or understand how these gifts work for each and every individual that claims to be a psychic medium or psychic. There really isn’t a tool to measure someones gift or the outcome. It also depends on situation and how the subject feels.

    Dr. Gary Schwartz, has been doing research with research mediums for a long time. Read up on his findings.

    1. Hi Freddie, nice to hear from you. We agree that science all to often feels the need to label things neatly to make sense of them. Unfortunately we could not gather more information on this story – we would of loved to have found out more about the other psychic tested and what type of parameters were used during the test itself. Great to hear a psychic’s take on things – hope to hear from you again soon Freddie 🙂

  2. real psychic should never charge money for there gift if they do there a scam I was with a girl she was a psychic she told me the ones charge money are scammers your part of a circle u should never tell any1 the future it affects things this story am about to tell true I don’t care if anybody believes it ..I came in to visit my exgf one after noon she told me to stay away from her am like why she says I had a dream last nite and a guy has been murdered and hes been buried not far from here maybe 5 miles . I paused and says why are u telling me to stay away from you she says when u walk closer to me I can see the dream more vivid its horrible like your connected to this murder I says are u fu-cking serious she then went on to say no what I mean is you have a connection with these people that have done this they think there clever they think there smarter than the police they will get caught anyway our relashionship ended a couple months later but we still remained friends I was sitting on a bus 1 day and picked a newspaper up I read about the mans body who had been buried not far from where my exgf says about 5 miles away in woods and also my child hood friend who I hadn’t seen for years was responsible for this poor mans death I just went numb phoned my ex straight away her answer was I new u had nothing do with it kevin I just new when where connected to this person along time ago just wasn’t sure how tho sends shivers up my spine anytime I tell any1 this story

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