Purple Spheres of The Arizona Desert

Purple Spheres of The Arizona Desert

The purple spheres of the Arizona desert have been causing quite a stir over the last year or so. It’s another one of those instances when something ‘strange’ has turned up in a least likely location.

I remember a few years back when a strange almost alien orange substance (goo) turned up on a coastline near an Alaskan town. At first everyone was really excited over this alien substance only to eventually find out it was nothing more than spores!

The Desert

The purple spheres of the Arizona desert where discovered by Gerardine Vargas and her husband in Vail, Ariz.

They were both taken aback when they noticed something glistening and almost glowing in the desert sun. They were only out taking a handful of tourist photo’s of the area and certainly didn’t expect to find what they did!

It’s not as if they were spread out all over the desert either – for some strange reason they were all confined to one spot/area.

They were baffled by the strange spheres so they contacted the news provider KGUN 9 with their story…


KGUN 9This was obviously of great interest to KGUN 9 so they traveled out to the location where Gerardine Vargas and her husband had found the spheres.

They found the patch of desert with relative ease and were amazed by what was sitting there. The station actually referred to them as ‘out of this world’ and ‘like gooey marbles that ooze out a water substance when squished’.

Vargas had a zoologist friend who she contacted as soon as she made the discovery. She transferred a few photos of the spheres to her email account and waited for a reply – her zoologist friend struggled to identify them!

With this knowledge in hand KGUN 9 decided to contact Darlene Buhrow who is the director of marketing at Tucson Botanical Gardens.

Darlene’s husband looked into the matter and reported that it could possibly be slime mold or jelly fungus.

The Rumor Mill

It wasn’t long before the rumor mill went into overdrive and KGUN 9 was bombarded with phone calls.

One of the more interesting theories was that the purple spheres of the Arizona desert were actually a group of those plant ball products. You know the type – they are water filled balls that are sometimes referred to as Hydrobubbles.

Another interesting theory that popped up is that the purple balls are evidence that SUV’s are heating the Earth. It is said that the sand heats up to a point where it actually cooks and turns itself into this strange purple goo.

Others have looked towards biblical solutions for the spheres claiming that they are the same Manna mentioned in the Old Testament. Apparently the Israelites came across it in the desert during their 40 year wandering session!

What do you think these strange spheres are? Are they the result of environmental changes or are they an example of the Manna mentioned in the Old Testament?

Please leave your observations and your opinions in the comment section below…

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