Purulia Arms Drop – The Spiritual Terrorists

Purulia Arms Drop

In December 1995 a strange plane was spotted in the skies above Purulia in rural West Bengal. Without warning a massive cache was dropped by the plane and intercepted when it reached the ground.

The cache turned out to be full to the brim of arms, guns and ammunition. Who was behind the Purulia arms drop and who were the weapons intended for…

The Return

Amazingly, the plane reappeared over India two days later but this time it was caught and ordered to ground immediately.

Everyone on board the plane was dragged off and arrested – they turned out to be of Russian and Latvian Nationalities.

After days of interrogation the men broke down and admitted they were black market gun runners. They were tried at court and and sentenced to long stretches in prison.

But the authorities wanted to know who was REALLY behind the Purulia arms drop so they dug a little further and interviewed the men again. It turned out that they were actually working for a organisation called Ananda Marga.

This was a shocking revelation as Ananda Marga were a known spiritual organisation who regularly practiced peace and love among the human race – what would they want with a cache of weapons?

Kim Davy

So the investigation went further and police eventually came to the conclusion that the Purulia arms drop had been set up by a man named Kim Davy.

Ananda MargaDavy was a Danish citizen who was known to be quite high up in the Ananda Marga organization. They managed to catch up with him and arrest him but he somehow managed an impossible escape from them when in India.

In recent years Davy had been found back in Denmark but insisted that the Indian government were fully aware of the arms drop before it happened. He claimed that they were trying to appear to be stronger and have a crackdown on leftist organisations within the country.

None The Wiser

The general public are none the wiser to who was really behind the strange arms drop. Was it really an attempt at propaganda by the Indian government or is the organization Ananda Marga a much more sinister force than it claims to be?

The case remains a mystery…

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