Real Dwarf People – Are Dwarfs Real?

Real Dwarf People - Are Dwarfs Real?

The idea of real dwarf people inhabiting certain countries across the globe is a subject we could not ignore ( for obvious geek reasons 🙂 ).

I came across this video about two years back now on a rather amateur Blogspot site. It seemed to have caused quite a stir and the comment section was going wild…

Are Dwarfs Real?

This story is again an incident that originates from Argentina (a few weeks back we covered Argentinian footage of a gnome sighting that can be found here).

The footage above was captured by an Argentinian lady named Silvia as she was taking a quick video of her son Benjamin. Unfortunately I have been unable to find the surname of this family so we are stuck with Silvia and Benjamin for now ( if you are aware of their surname please take the time to leave it in the comment section below! ).

The actual video was recorded on January 2011 in Santa Fe, Argentina and as you can see it’s quite impressive. Silvia claims that she was doing house chores when suddenly she realized her son was having a conversation with someone in their hallway.

This was not the first time that Silvia’s family had noticed this strange behaviour from Benjamin and out of curiosity they started to film it.

Without warning a small dwarf-like creature dashed across the room behind Benjamin in a desperate bid to avoid detection.


Silvia’s first thought was that the fast moving silhouette was just a mouse. It was later on that she panicked when she noticed its odd body structure.

She also claimed that her son has carried on playing with these dwarf people over the last couple of years:

“They don’t appear to be hostile, but the stench is unbearable and they emit a bloodcurdling scream at night.”

Obviously there are divided opinions on the video – after all, trying to get the public to believe in real dwarf people isn’t going to be that easy! People have taken note that the shadow of the creature remains strong and distinct as it runs across the floor.

This distinct shadow even stays in place when the creature passes the table leg which has no discernible shadow at all.


There have also been a lot of comparisons to certain CGI film entities because of the rigid movement of the creature. Experts believe the creature would not run like this due to it’s small size and general physics. If you look closely at it’s movement you will see it is sprinting with the gate of a full-sized human (not a smaller dwarf creature!).

Many countries (including Argentina) have strong beliefs in folklore legends involving real dwarf people. In 1989 the Gnomo of Girone was found in a part of Spain and locals swore blind that is was the body of a Gnome.

The body was tested and it later emerged that the tissue was something the experts had not come across before. It belonged to an animal not yet covered by the scientific community.

Are dwarfs real?

Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below…

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