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Real Haunted Homes - Emma's Home

In 2011 the British media broke with a story regarding a young lady and her family being tormented by an unseen force in their home.

​Emma Keeitch and her family, who lived in Hull, East Yorkshire, had experienced paranormal activity spanning a three year period. The family were at breaking point and reached out for help with their supernatural situation…

Real Haunted Homes

The house was occupied by Emma, age 31, her partner Jamie Owen, 25, and their 4 month old daughter Pheobie.

Over the three year period the family had reported household appliances being turned on and off ( electrical ), Pictures turning upside on the walls and items being flung across the room by an invisible force.

A special investigator named Kellie Taylor had already been sent to the house but fled in panic not long after. She was apparently carrying out her investigation when an invisible force knocked her off her feet by slapping her face.

Emma’s elderly mother had stopped visiting the family due to a terrifying experience she had endured. It was reported that whenever she entered the house an unseen entity would stand behind her and attempt to choke her.


The family finally decided enough was enough when they noticed the word ‘move’ appear in the condensation of a living room window. At this point they knew they needed to find specialized help or leave the house once and for all.

The were lucky enough to find Veteran paranormal investigator Elliot Ainley who jumped at the chance to take on the case.

When interviewed afterwards Ainley claimed:

“The house is definitely haunted and has poltergeist activity. There are two spirits haunting the house, that of a mother and that of a baby.”

Most of the poltergeist activity is thought to come from the spirit of the mother who seems angered with new people inside her home.

A few visitors to the house have also claimed that they spotted the reflection of a baby staring back at them in a bedroom mirror.

Ainley quickly advised the family to get help from the church…

The Exorcist 

A few days later the Reverend Tom Willis turned up on the family’s doorstep. He was actually a retired priest but he had a great deal of experience with paranormal matters.

During his time as a fully-fledged priest he had performed numerous acts of cleansings and exorcisms – this was definitely the man for the job!

After a day’s worth of religious cleansing methods, Reverend Willis managed to banish the tormented spirits from the home. Emma was amazed to witness a change in the house almost instantly.

She claimed that it now had a clean smell to it and the atmosphere seemed to be much more natural and calm. Since the religious techniques were performed there have been no further incidents of paranormal activity.

The media have attempted to delve into the building’s history and find out who these supernatural visitors were. They have so far been unsuccessful…

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