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Whenever I come across the subject of real life super humans I instantly think of Daniel Tammet. He has exceptional mathematical abilities and a beautiful mind full of languages.

It is reported that he can now speak ten languages, one of which he learnt in no less than a week! You would be forgiven for thinking Daniel possesses some sort of psychic ability but his unique powers are down to a very rare condition…


Daniel Tammet was born in 1979 and has linguistic, numerical and visual Synesthesia. This is what makes him one of the true, real life super humans.

The Synesthesia he possesses turns all his information into colors making it easy for him to combine words and numbers. It all weaves together to form a colorful way for him to perceive the world.

Real Life Super Humans - Daniel Tammet
Real Life Super Humans – Daniel Tammet

The Savantism Daniel suffers from is down to the fact he is an autistic savant. This Savantism is an extremely rare health condition that usually occurs in individuals with brain developmental delays. People with Savantism can demonstrate profound and prodigious capacities with ease.

Daniel had a pretty rough childhood in which he was born with severe epilepsy. This epilepsy caused him to be an uncomfortable infant that always cried. When he was at the tender age of four he suffered a dangerous epileptic seizure.

This epileptic seizure was the catalyst for his superhero powers – his brain began to change dramatically after it. He obviously differed from other children and he grew up without any friends. He used to study other children to try and figure out how to develop relationships of his own. He was aware that his brothers and sisters had lots of friends and he was also aware that he was very different from them.

The Power of Real Life Super Humans

Approximately one person out of every thousand has the brain condition called Synesthesia. It’s a very strange disorder that can result in some people able to smell sounds whilst others can hear colors or see various smells.

Daniel’s power means that he can view numbers as colors. When he uses this power he sees every number up to 10,000 as a unique shape with a specific color. This allows him to figure out calculations by simply drawing a picture or landscape in his mind.

Daniel is also known as a bit of a ‘record breaker’ as well. He is currently holds a rather clever European record – he is ‘top dog’ for remembering and recounting the number Pi to 22,514 decimal places.

The language vocabulary he has built up over the years includes:

  • German
  • Welsh ( like me! )
  • Finnish
  • Spanish
  • Lithuanian
  • Romanian
  • Estonian
  • Icelandic
  • Esperanto

That’s quite an impressive collection alone but it turns out he has created his own language called ​​Mänti. This new language is currently made up of about 1000 words but is growing by the day.

Born on a Blue Day

Daniel truly is one of the real life super humans who can provide scientists with a detailed picture of his own thought processes. He has also written a book on his life entitled Born on a Blue Day where he covers his extraordinary powers and his life in general…

US Version – Born On A Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant

UK Version – Born on a Blue Day: The Gift of an Extraordinary Mind

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