Real Photographs of UFOs – Unexplained UFO Photos

For the last couple of months I’ve toyed with the idea of starting up an article on real photographs of UFOs – not the modern Photoshop crap that seems to be infesting the net, I’m talking about the REAL cases that have survived all hoax calls.

I plan to constantly add to this article so please feel free to contact me or leave a comment in the section below if you feel you have a photo that would fit this piece…

Real UFO Photos – The Collection:

1) Hugo F. Niotti July 1960

Hugo F. Niotti was a high-ranking officer of the Argentinean Air Force who was working with the Air Force School for Sub-officers in the city of Cordoba.

Hugo F. Niotti July 1960

On this date he was about 65 km outside Cordoba in Villa General Belgrano at approximately half past four in the afternoon.

As he drove down a rather lonely section of road he noticed an object to his right side hovering above the ground.

He reported that it was conical in shape with a strange metallic uniform dark gray color. He also claimed that the object was completely smooth without any joints or rivets showing.

2) The Battle of Los Angeles

Back in 1942, you would be forgiven for thinking that the battle of Los Angeles was nothing more than a war time raid…after all…the US had just entered the second World War.

The Battle of Los Angeles

But conspiracy theorists disagree – they believe America was actually being targeted by an alien attack. The picture we have included above is a ‘touched up’ version of the famous photo from that night.

3) The Lubbock Lights

In 1951, over Lubbock in Texas, the U.S. Air Force was forced to admit that it had no real idea what was behind the appearance of a strange fleet of lights in the evening gloom.

The Lubbock Lights

The date was August the 30th and luckily a witness named Carl Hart managed to get his camera out in time after he noticed the fleet pass by his living room window.

He managed to snap several images of the V-shaped UFO formation.

4) The Oldest UFO Image in Existence?

Believe it or not – this photograph was taken way back in 1870, near Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. It is often referred to as the oldest UFO image in existence…

The Oldest UFO Image in Existence?

The photograph format is what is commonly known as a Stereo Photograph. Manipulating these sorts of photos back then was near enough impossible!

5) The Fireman’s UFO

This photo comes from Oregon back in 1926, it’s actually one of the first UFO images I came across as a kid (it sorta started the whole ball moving in a ‘geek’ direction!).

The Fireman's UFO

The photo was apparently taken in Cave Junction (Oregon) by a volunteer fireman one afternoon.

6) The Colorado Ward Sawmill UFO

This photo was taken by Edward Pline at the sawmill in Ward, Colorado back in 1929. He was in the process of taking various photographs of the property when he heard a loud and terrible thunderous bellow…

The Colorado Ward Sawmill UFO

The workers at the sawmill that day did not spot the UFO captured on image by Pline but they all heard the strange bellowing sound.

After he passed away his daughter, Hetty Pline, tried her best to find more information on the incident. Unfortunately she could not find any surviving sawmill workers from that time.

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