Recent Black Eyed Children Sightings

Recent Black Eyed Children Sightings

In January 2016, one of the more recent black eyed children sightings hit the internet and pretty much went viral instantly.

This report is said to have come from an unnamed woman who actually went as far as letting the strange youngsters into her home…

The Vermont Visit

The woman who posted the report online claimed to be a resident of Vermont and her experience happened about a year before her internet posting.

During an extremely hard blizzard one evening she was surprised to hear a faint tapping on her front door.

Taking the poor weather into account, she believed that someone was in car trouble and needed help or shelter.

A quick look out of the window revealed footprints in the snow leading to the house, but there was no sign of a vehicle on the road.

Something felt wrong, and the unnamed woman suddenly got a little nervous.

As the knocking continued she went to the bedroom and woke up her sleeping husband so he could answer the door.

The Children

When he opened the door he was confronted by the sight of two children around the age of eight – a boy and a girl.

The woman recalled that the young pair wore clothes that were not suited to the cold conditions outside and that she felt instantly unnerved by their presence.

But at the end of the day these were two young children out in the middle of a blizzard – they decided to let them in.

They led the two young visitors to their living room and noticed that their cats seemed to be completely frantic in their presence.

She offered to make the pair a warm drink and recalled that whatever she asked them, their reply was always the same: “Our parents will be here soon.”

She eventually decided to make them something hot anyway and when she handed over the drinks she noticed that their eyes were far from normal.

Where their eyes should have been were two jet black balls like giant pupils…

Our Parents Are Here

The children seemed to realize that the woman was afraid of their appearance and both suddenly asked if they could use the bathroom.

The petrified woman led the kids to the downstairs bathroom and made her way back to her bemused husband in the living room.

As she began to tell her husband about the kid’s eyes she noticed his nose start to bleed – suddenly the electricity cut out!

Black-eyed children

The woman stumbled about in the darkness looking for a tissue to clean up her husband’s nose.

When she looked down the hallway she noticed both children standing there, motionless and staring at her.

Without warning they claimed “Our parents are here” and made their way back out into the blizzard-filled night.

The woman quickly moved to close the front door and noticed the two children get into a long, jet black car.

Two extremely tall men dressed in black suits stood next to the car.

Lasting Implications

Over the next few months the unnamed couple seemed to have terrible luck with their health.

The husband was diagnosed with an aggressive form of skin cancer and the woman suffered from horrendous nose bleeds that would last for hours on end.

Both of them described themselves as being in the “worst conditions of their life.”

The couple are now convinced that their degrading health is linked directly to the black eyed children they allowed into their home that winter night.

9 comments on “Recent Black Eyed Children Sightings

  1. very controversial topic, but it definitely gave me goosebumps! I have read about those “black eyed children”,very controverisal. I’ve read posts that even tried to explain it using quantum physics.
    However, I don’t exactly believe these sightings, because that I believe that people (or creatures) from beyond the grave wouldn’t want so close contact with us, for example, why did they even need the hospitatlity of this couple? And I believe that these “creatures” try to avoid our presence and therefore inhabit old and forgotten places.
    And have you yourself ecountered some Supernatural sightings?

    1. Some really good points there Emils – thanks for sharing them with us!

      P.S. I keep my personal supernatural experiences close to my chest mate – it’s best for the website! 🙂

    2. According to the accounts, the BEK is a phenomenon directly linked with MIB phenomenon, which is real but completeley absurd many times as the UFO phenomenon is many times too. MIB cases still need a satisfactory explanation because of their many absurdities. None of the explanations provided so far can explain many cases, less BEK cases which are more recent.

  2. I feel like they are alien/MIB related. Not so much demonic of vampire necessarily. Incredibly creepy and I get scared just thinking about these little beings.

    1. Yeah I actually go along with you on that Kellie – they have that ‘feel’ about them don’t they? A lot of theories out there mind…

  3. Interesting scrap of folklore came to mind – that some beings can not enter your home or space unless given permission. And if you do – you’ll regret it!

  4. BEKs are a normal and predictable as well as often seen image in the decade prior to the one possible sighting by the person whom has benefited directly from his…mysterious urban tale. A sudden new millenial entourage of movie SFX that quickly transitioned to um…the thoughts of the real world.
    Funny that before The Ring ghosts weren’t small girls with Asian horror affects like the hair but omg…now those spirits are global! Do ya think they just began to travel maybe? A foreign exchange program for dead Asian girls? Yeah….

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