Rendlesham Forest Lights


Rendlesham Forest Lights

In this article we will be looking into the Rendlesham forest UFO sightings that took place between December 26 and 27, 1980.

The Rendlesham forest lights appeared between two U.S. Air Force bases in England – Woodbridge and Bentwaters. Ever since their appearance the real reasons behind their source have remained shrouded in secrecy…

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Sightings

It was about 12.15 am on the 26th of Dec, 1980, when eyewitnesses and a nearby radar station picked up a strange object in the skies. Without warning this object suddenly plummeted into the nearby forest.

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Sightings
The Rendlesham Pyramid Craft

Soldiers from one of the nearby bases were dispatched into the forest to find out what the strange occurrence was. When they got deep into the forest they were amazed to find a triangular shaped UFO standing on a tripod of legs.

When they got closer to the illuminated object it suddenly retracted it’s legs and took off through the forest. The soldiers gave chase but the craft seemed mobile enough to dodge the trees at fast speeds.

They eventually ended up following it into a local field where it suddenly shot up into the sky and beamed strange laser lights down upon them.

As soon as the lights hit the soldiers the whole platoon lost consciousness. They awoke hours later back in the forest with another group of soldiers shaking them awake.

Both groups of soldiers were then able to locate three burn marks in the forest ground where the craft had first landed.

The Rendlesham Forest Lights

The following evening the deputy base commander, Lt. Col. Charles Halt decided he would take matters into his own hands. He grouped together a small band of trusted soldiers and led the party back into the forest.

The group measured abnormal radiation levels throughout the forest and decided to spit up and cover opposite sections of the area.

It wasn’t long until one of the groups radioed Halt in a panic explaining that they were face-to-face with a strange red light inside a floating fog.

Halt’s group started to move towards their location when suddenly this strange red fog-light sped at them. They threw themselves out of the way and looked on in wonder as the red light dispersed a rainbow of colors across the forest.

The second group then radioed in information about a strange floating dome near them. They claimed they could actually see figures walking around inside the dome.

Various media outlets later got hold of the story and discovered that pictures and video evidence existed. This brought up a ton of official denials led by U.S. Sen. James Exon.

Exon had decided to look into the case himself and discovered “additional information” on the subject. He admitted that this new information tied the Rendlesham case to other unexplained UFO incidents but would go no deeper into the subject.

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  2. Hi Chris,

    Interesting article. I have sometimes heard of seen UFOs in different areas. Honestly, I was never very interested in this topic as I am not a real believer. Or maybe the other way round 😉

    What was your starting point of interest?


    1. Hi Manuel,
      I grew up in South Wales near the Broad Haven triangle – there are many sightings of UFO’s in that area so I was interested as a young child. I suppose my passion just grew over the years…
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  3. Hey Chris,

    I have to shake my head sometimes when events like this happen the first thing people do is deny anything happened.

    Yeah I’m sure the good old U.S. Air Force thinks it’s outsmarting us by denying things. Just proves how idiotic the the Air Force really is.

    It’s pretty damn arrogant of us (humans) to think that we may be the only living beings in this whole universe, which by the way we know so little about, heck we don’t even know everything in our own solar system.

    Heck we only know about 10% of what’s in the ocean on our own planet.

    Great story.


    1. Hello again Leo – nice to see you back here so soon 🙂
      Yep, you’d have to be pretty damn ignorant to think we were the only living things out there – the universe is a VERY big place!
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  4. Is that a photograph of the specific triangle at Rendlesham? Or is it another Triangle that your using as an example? Because in all the reports I’ve rean on Rendlesham I’ve never seen any picture of the event

    1. This was a guest post from one of our past writers mate. The article ( along with the images ) were submitted by him.

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