Resurrection Mary Ghost – Who Was She?

There seems to be varying versions of the story behind the Resurrection Mary ghost so we thought we’d cover the subject truthfully in this article.

Who is Resurrection Mary?

The real Resurrection Mary story starts off in the 1930’s when a young girl was tragically hit by a passing car. She is thought to have been hitching for a lift after leaving the O Henry Ballroom.

She had been attending a function at the ballroom with her boyfriend and they had got into some sort of argument resulting in her leaving early.

It must of been some argument as the weather was apparently bitterly cold that night but still Mary ( as she is now known ) preferred to walk home – she had certainly had enough of this young man’s idiotic behavior!

She left the ballroom and started walking up Archer Avenue and was suddenly hit by a vehicle. Unfortunately it was a case of ‘hit and run’ as the driver of the vehicle sped off and left Mary to die on the side of the road.

She was buried in Resurrection Cemetery and dressed in a white ballroom gown and dancing shoes by her devastated parents.

Since that time the Resurrection Mary ghost has often been spotted along Archer Avenue in the same white dress and dancing shoes she was buried in.


The Resurrection Mary story seems to have been messed up by a newspaper report about a decade ago.

This pathetic press effort on the story led to a handful of researchers creating their own Mary. This Mary was again tragically killed but apparently has nothing to do with the Resurrection Mary ghost that haunts Archer Avenue.

So the researchers moved on again to a lady named Mary Bregovy who is also buried in Resurrection Cemetery. At first Mary Bregovy seemed like a good fit for the Resurrection Mary story but on closer inspection there are too many factors against this choice.

Mary Bregovy was killed in an car accident in 1934 but there is no proof to indicate she was on Archer Avenue when it happened.

She was actually killed on Wacker Drive in downtown Chicago and she was actually INSIDE a car. When the accident happened she was thrown at force through the windshield – gruesome indeed but a far cry from ‘hit and run’.

Reports indicate that Mary Bregovy looked nothing like the spirit that walks Archer Avenue. Bregovy was said to have short dark hair look which is a million miles away from the pale blonde Resurrection Mary ghost.

The Urban Legend

One report from an elderly lady suggests that Resurrection Mary could be a lady named Mary Miskowski. This particular Mary was also killed by a passing car whilst on her way to a costume party.

On top of this there are also several families that claim Mary was working as a babysitter for them. They all have differing versions of events but none of them have any real evidence to back up their claims.

But if Mary is not one of these, then who can she be?

Many residents in Chicago believe she never really existed and the ghost has nothing to do with a young lady killed on Archer Avenue.

They claim the Resurrection Mary story is nothing more than a urban legend that has evolved through Chinese Whispers through the years!

The exact identity of Mary looks like it will always remain a mystery – she remains an enigma and her legend lives on, not content to vanish. If you have any further information on Resurrection Mary ghost we would love to hear from you.

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