Review – 1080p HD Ghost Hunting Night Vision Camera

Product: 1080p HD Ghost Hunting Night Vision Camera

Subject: The Best Ghost Hunting Camera

Brand Name: Cleveland Paranormal Supply Co.

Price: $269.00 ( Retail )

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Our Rating: 9 out of 10

Searching for the right ghost hunting night vision camera for your specific needs, and within your desired price range, can be daunting.

With dozens of cameras on the market all claiming to pack the best features and deliver the best results, it can be a frustrating experience zeroing in on the camera you envisioned when you started your search.

For those looking for an infrared full spectrum camcorder with night vision for under $400, there is the 1080p HD Infrared Night Vision and Full Spectrum Camcorder.

Manufactured by Cleveland Paranormal Supply Company, this camera features an innovative switch that allows users to change between full spectrum and infrared mode.

There is a wall power adapter included, plus a charger for long term use without batteries. Updated in 2015, the 1080p can also record at 720p which captures 60 frames per second.

This light handheld camera can be purchased for as low as $270 and tops out at $399.

The Good & The Bad

The Pros:

Easy Mode Switch: The main selling point for the 1080p is the easy switch from full spectrum to infrared mode and back, a fully unique feature when it comes to a ghost hunting night vision camera.

This switch truly allows for some quick adjustments in the field and should appeal to any user who has ever lost out on a great shot while struggling to switch modes.

Light as a Feather: At only three pounds, the 1080p is very easy to handle and won’t weigh you down on the job. This camera is very streamlined and features no unneeded elements.

It can easily fit in any small-size bag when not in use, and comes with a nice padded camera case for easy and safe transport.

High Definition And Resolution: Just like in its name, this camera provides super sharp 1080p resolution and high definition for a device of this size. The 1080p is rated very highly with users on its ability to capture clean, clear shots under night conditions.

Regular Camcorder Use: This camera can also be used in the daylight hours as a traditional camcorder, meaning users can have both their infrared ghost hunting night camera and their regular daytime camcorder at a single, affordable price point.

Built in Infrared: With the 1080p, the infrared will always be with you since this model has the infrared light built right into the camera.

Unlike infrared lights that come as accessories, this one is guaranteed to be there when you need it.

Accessories Galore: Not only does this product come with the padded camera case, but it also features a downloadable user manual, a wall charger, a rechargeable, long-lasting battery, remote control, and HDMI and USB cables.

The Cons:

No Accessory Shoe: Not included in the accessories package is an accessory shoe that would make it possible to mount an extra infrared light directly to the top of the unit.

Users wishing to do this will have to purchase an accessory bracket on which an extra infrared light can be mounted.

It would be a lot more convenient if a bracket was included with the accessories for those who need extra illumination.

No Hard Copy Manual: You do get a manual for this camera, but it is download only. While this may be fine for individuals who want to sit at their computer while learning the camera or take a laptop with them the first time they take it out into the field, it would still be great to have a hard copy for quick consultation without having to fire up a device.

Who Is This Camera For?

The 1080p is the best ghost hunting camera for single individuals or small crews. As a lone investigator, you certainly don’t want to be bogged down with excess equipment.

Light enough to carry in your hand the whole way and with enough charge to last the entire night, this device is perfect for lone ghost hunters.

It also works great for smaller groups, as a few individuals armed with this camera can fan out across a designated area and capture many different angles.

As a lightweight device that still captures high resolution footage, this camera is made just right for solitary or small group ghost hunting.

The Verdict

With its streamlined design, high resolution capabilities, and ability to switch between full spectrum and infrared, the 1080p truly is the best ghost hunting camera to be found at its affordable price point.

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