Roman Soldier Ghosts


Roman Soldier Ghosts

In February of 1953, Harry Martindale claims he encountered a group of Roman soldier ghosts in the English town of York. He stuck by his story until he died in 2014…

Harry Martindale

When Harry had this paranormal encounter he was plying his trade as a heating engineer in York. He was quite young at the time so he was working his way through a dedicated apprenticeship.

On this particular day he had been given the task of installing a main heating pipe in the cellar of the Treasurer’s House. This building had housed many York treasurers over the years from the 12th century onward.

The heating pipe was quite a tricky job that involved holes being made in the cellar ceiling. Martindale had to stand on a ladder and chisel his way through the rather durable stone.

Halfway through the job he nearly lost his balance as a loud trumpet sound blared through the cellar. He looked down in astonishment…

The Roman Soldier Ghosts

At the bottom of the ladder stood a figure dressed in a full Roman outfit – the first thing Martindale saw was the top of his helmet!

The soldier did not notice the apprentice on the ladder and walked straight past and through a supporting cellar wall. Suddenly another soldier on a horse appeared out of the opposite wall with a large group of foot soldiers behind him.

They were all kitted out in full Roman infantry gear including spears and shields. However they did not look like they were ready for battle – they looked like they had just been through one!

Most of the soldiers tunic’s were in tatters and many of them seemed to carry severe injuries. They wobbled back and forth in a matching pattern with very little grace.

At first they seemed to be marching on their knees or extremely short but as they reached the middle of the room he saw their full stature. There was an excavated dip in the center of the cellar and this revealed the remainder of their legs.

Fear hit Martindale big time and he pounced off the ladder and ran back upstairs and out of the house.

He later claimed that the curator of the house ran after him and asked if he had encountered the Roman soldiers – this was not their first appearance!

The Aftermath

There had been numerous past incidents involving the ghostly Roman soldiers and many believed that Martindale had made his version of events up.

The scholars who looked into the case claimed that Martindale’s description of their shields being circular was completely wrong. They pointed out that Roman soldiers carried rectangular shields.

Later archaeological discoveries showed us that this was not necessarily the case. A large scale dig at Hadrian’s Wall revealed a battalion of Roman soldiers who used circular shields.

Harry Martindale later quit his job as a heating engineer and became a police officer. He died in 2014.

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10 comments on “Roman Soldier Ghosts

        1. Not energy. They use energy. Whatever all of us are as we ride in our
          flesh machines it uses and can draw energy. Ghosts, in other words,
          if real, would not be different than us at our spiritual core. This is
          something that goes beyond energy and is unknown.

  1. How big was this basement? I mean I imagine fairly sizeable but I mean enough to fit an entire roman regiment and a mounted officer?

      1. The cellar is not that big less than 4 metres wide. I was there last Saturday and enjoyed a talk by a NT staff member. Apparently not all the soldiers were seen at once, first the bugler, then a soldier on horseback, then probably another 20 soldiers in a two by two formation.

  2. Maybe Harry Martindale, did not have a vision of spirits. But a supra temporal vision in the past with the present (and see versa) through time above gates intersect.
    I was looking at the stories network appearances of Roman soldiers spirits and found this site.
    I also have an amazing story to tell.
    In 1988, the city of Goiana, Pernambuco state, Brazil. When I was 11, one evening around 20:00 I was standing in my home room, in front of a red formica table on the sides and white in the center, she was the head facing me. On the left side of the table, my mother, sitting in a silver metal chair and material that mimicked red leather and showed a jewelry cloth (jewelry) plated gold and silver to a neighbor of ours, also sitting in the same chair, near me. As I watched my mother showing “ jewels “ our neighbor next suddenly I saw the (appeared is not as we have been-there) a boy (about 15 years to 18 years) Roman soldier dress and holding a cross in his arms. Looked pras“ jewelry “ my mother showed our neighbor and smiling, cheerful as they rejoice in those “ “ jewels. With everything still something so strange I saw. It was like the color of gold chains he showed to our neighbor and his side skirt a smoke a little dense that not emanated from his body. When he saw me looking at him, startled, as if someone had seen and fled into the home kitchen leaving a trace of his golden image. I said at the same time my neighbor and, in the run to the kitchen and alarmed saw nothing. Then I never saw him again.

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