Salyut 7 Space Angels

Salyut 7 Space Angels

This strange report comes from 1985 when six crew members on board a Soviet space station were confronted with a life-changing experience.

They were casually going about their daily astronaut tasks when the whole station suddenly filled up with a strange orange cloud.

The days leading up to this incident had seen the astronauts handle many peculiar technical occurrences and system failures. Had the station finally caved in and was this cloud from a resulting fire?

The Light

The crew desperately ran around the station looking for the source of this strange orange gas cloud – where was the fire? Where did this cloud originate from?

Without warning, the station was engulfed in a blinding white light and the astronauts were left temporarily blinded.

When their sight returned, about a minute later, they noticed something outside the station windows and moved closer to investigate.

The crew were confronted with seven strange beings floating about outside the space station.

At first the astronauts recoiled in terror but these feelings soon subsided – the faces of these beings wore pleasant and divine-like smiles that immediately calmed the observing crew.

The Angels

The strange beings had humanoid-shaped bodies but their overall dimensions were absolutely huge. They sported large wings and it looked like they had halos floating above their heads.

The group of astronauts all agreed that they were in the presence of angels and decided to immediately inform their superiors back on Earth.

Salyut 7 with docked spacecraft
Salyut 7 With Docked Spacecraft

The Russian government was convinced that the astronauts were experiencing some very strong delusions and paid little attention to their claims.

About a fortnight later a new group arrived at the space station to take over the astronaut tasks. Within 24 hours they had also witnessed these strange beings floating around the station.


The Russian government decided that a reshuffle was in order and they brought both teams of astronauts back to Earth for questioning and mental health tests.

The results proved that the astronauts were in excellent mental and physical health.

The report was classified as top secret and the astronauts were ordered not to mention the incident to anyone. Unfortunately (for them), the incident did not stay a secret for long…

The Leak

The report of the Salyut 7 space angels leaked within the year prompting an engineer from the Hubble Project to come forward and back up the story.

He claimed that the Hubble telescope had been capturing images of these strange beings for quite some time.

space angels

He stated that whatever these beings are, they are at least 20 meters tall and when they spread their wings they could be compared to a modern jetliner.

After hearing this confession, workers from the SOHO Observatory also came forward and claimed they had spotted these angel-like beings around the area of the Sun.

The Retired Space Craft Operator

Many conspiracy theorists believe that these angels have been in constant contact with American astronauts but they are sworn to silence on the subject.

On July 29, 2008, a retired space craft operator told the world what he witnessed on his 27 inch monitor at the Kennedy Space Center.

Kennedy Space Center

He claimed that he witnessed a large alien being standing upright in the space shuttle payload bay. It was apparently having a conversation with two of the shuttle’s astronauts.

The retired space craft operator was a highly credible person that had worked for NASA for over 34 years. He simply waited until he retired before revealing the incident to the world.

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17 comments on “Salyut 7 Space Angels

  1. Wow! This is the first I’ve heard of the Salyut 7 Space Angels.

    Honestly, I don’t know what to think about it but since I started meditating more than 20 years ago, I’ve realized there is so much more to our existence.

    I would love to see some video footage of these giant space angels.

    1. Yeah me to mate – unfortunately this took place before mobile phones and YouTube broke through (and I doubt a government would release that footage anyway!)

  2. Wow! I love reading about these kind of occurrences.

    To be honest with you, I actually would like to have a personal encounter of this sort.I believe these stories and it shows that we really are not alone.At least, that is my opinion.

    Looking forward to your next interests piece.

  3. My question is why keep this to themselves, this is something glorious and good we need to share this with all of mankind…..

  4. These beings do not appear in the traditional sense. A person stating that he/she has “seen” one is simply the best approximation that our human bodies can express to describe being aware of their presence.
    Be happy you don’t hear reports of them more often, I’m pretty sure their interest in us has graduated from curiosity to cautious defensiveness.

  5. Good evening.

    Imagine a person on fire, but instead of a 3-dimensional feature it was more like a hologram. That was the Salyut 7 “space angels”

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