Seguin Lighthouse Haunting

Seguin Lighthouse Haunting

In this article we will be taking a look at the Seguin Lighthouse haunting of Georgetown, Maine.

The lighthouse itself is located off the southern coast of Georgetown and was commissioned by George Washington in 1795. It stands proudly not more than a handful of miles away from the mouth of the Kennebec River.

In 1819 it’s weathered wooden tower frame was replaced with more durable stone. In 1857 it was further improved with cut stone as well as a brick light keeper’s quarters…

The Light Keepers

There have been many different Seguin lighthouse keepers over the years but one seems to stand out above the rest. This particular keeper brought his wife to the Lighthouse in the 1850’s but she soon became overcome by the isolation.

He decided to ship over her piano from their home to keep her occupied through the long and windy days.

Unfortunately the wife only knew one song on the piano and refused to learn anything new. All the lighthouse keeper could hear, day after day, was the sound of this infernal song over and over again!

For some reason the song really ate at this man’s state of mind and eventually he cracked. He took an axe from the lighthouse shed and smashed up the piano…then turned the axe on his wife and himself.

Ever since the tragedy there has been a constant stream of reports regarding strange piano music travelling across the water’s surface when the weather is calm. The music always seems to be coming from the direction of Seguin lighthouse…

The Ghost Girl

The Seguin Lighthouse is also thought to be haunted by the spirit of a young girl who died near it’s location.

Over the years, many of the Lighthouse’s keepers have reported witnessing her spirit running up and down the main building’s staircase. She always appears to be coaxing them into a game – laughing and waving at them to join in the fun.

The Seguin Lighthouse Haunting

There have been numerous reports from lighthouse workers over the years listing poltergeist activity and spectral apparitions. Items have constantly gone missing along with furniture and utensils being flung across the room.

Probably the most prolific of haunted Seguin Island Lighthouse tales is when a Coast Guard was decommissioning the light and packing up items in 1985.

After he had finished up packing he retired to the bedroom and slept for a few hours. In the middle of the night he awoke to find a strange man dressed in oil skins at the foot of the bed.

The man seemed to be in some distress and stood there shaking his head. The coast guard asked the man what he was doing and he replied “Don’t take the furniture. Please, leave my home alone!”.

The next day all of the lighthouse possessions were loaded onto a ship to be taken back to the mainland. The ship never made it back – it sunk taking all of the strange man’s furniture with it!

Who was this ghostly figure that appeared in the middle of the night and did he have anything to do with the furniture never reaching it’s destination?

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  1. I live in Maine not far from the Seguin Lighthouse. I had never heard about paranormal activity there until now! I will definitely be going to check it out when the snoe melts! Thanks for the info!!

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