Sex With an Alien – David’s Story

Sex With an Alien - David Huggins

Not the type of article title I normally post on here but….

Introducing David Huggins of Hoboken, New Jersey… the man who claims to have had sex with an alien (Well – claims to have lost his virginity to an alien!).

Bear with me – this article is actually based on a true report, even though it sounds like a Jerry Springer episode…


74-year-old David Huggins claims to have been visited by aliens on numerous occasions throughout his life. His first encounter apparently took place in rural Georgia when he was just a child.

When he was eight, he was playing peacefully at a base of a garden tree when a voice spoke softly behind him – “David, behind you”

He turned around to see a small hairy entity walking calmly towards him…but his fear took over…and he ran away from the creature.

But, the encounters continued and he eventually interacted with the alien entities.

The Aliens

David claims that over the years he has made contact with several different types of alien races. Some looked a lot like large insects, other grey varieties seemed to be workers and slender female-like aliens.

The Aliens

These humanoid female aliens have slender faces, pale skin, long fingernails, and large, mesmerizing eyes. David apparently lost his virginity to one of these ‘women’ in an incident when he was seventeen – she was named Crescent.

He actually goes deep into the whole sex-incident in one of his interviews…but that’s not the sort of thing I really want to publish on this site (seriously – it’s a bit messed up at best!)

Anyway, Huggins apparently continued his unconventional love affair with Crescent even after he moved to New York two years later.

The Baby

On one occasion, Crescent appeared to David with news that he was a father – and the baby they shared was not well at all.

He had no idea that their ‘acts’ had led to this creation of life, but he insisted on being taken ‘there’ to meet his child.

He had to shout “Show me my baby!” three times really loudly before being shown his child, who was indeed seriously ill and limp. When David touched the child it began to wake up and move.

The Baby

An ‘insect being’ was watching all this take place, and led David off to a room full of babies which were also ill. He then informed David that all of these babies were his offspring (yikes!).

David then went around touching every one of them to wake them from their ill slumber.

I Had Sex With an Alien

David’s son claims that his father has always openly talked about his experiences with the alien races –  they fast became just a regular part of his upbringing.

Huggins’s story has now become the subject of a documentary called Love & Saucers by director Brad Abrahams.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on strange case of David Huggins, please leave them in the comment section below.

4 comments on “Sex With an Alien – David’s Story

  1. As Lisa Simpson said (quoting Occam’s Razor), “The simplest explanation is probably the correct one”.

    The simplest explanation is that this guy is a total nut case.

    1. Haha – unfortunately I have to sit on the fence with all the article claims we publish here…although I wish I could air my own opinions at times Fred… 🙂
      I wouldn’t know where to start with David…

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