Shag Harbour UFO Sighting


Shag Harbour UFO Sighting

​The 1967 Shag Harbour UFO sighting has become one of the best documented UFO events of the past 50 years. What really happened at this small fishing village located at the southern tip of Nova Scotia?

Village of Mystery

The village itself is named after the bird from the cormorant family and it has always been linked with various folklore mysteries. Most of these tales are linked directly to the sea for obvious reasons but in 1967 a new kind of mystery appeared.

The first indications of the Shag Harbour UFO sighting came through from local residents on the night of October 4, 1967. These residents claimed there was some sort of fleet of strange orange lights in sky ( 4 separate lights ).

The reports varied but most stuck around the idea that these strange lights were able to flash in sequence, and then suddenly dive in a 45 degree angle toward the water’s surface.

The residents watched in awe as the lights seemed to stop as they hit the water. Instead of just crashing into the water at speed they were somehow able to stop suddenly and float on the water.

Airplane Disaster

That night the Royal Canadian Mounted Police began to get reports of a nightmare plane crash. It turns out the Shag Harbour UFO sighting was being mistaken for a very tragic plane crash.

One of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on patrol that night was Ron Pound and he had already witnessed the lights when driving to work. Ron reported that the four lights seemed to be linked to one vessel or craft that floated in the air.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Pound decided to take a closer look at the strange vessel and was joined by Police Corporal Victor Werbieki, Constable Ron O’Brien and other local residents on the shore.

When they got closer on the shore they all noticed the lights glide across the water leaving a strange glowing foam on the surface. All of a sudden the lights would dart into the distance and then shoot straight back again.

The lights also began to dip into the depths of the water and then reappear yards away from where they had dived.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police carried out a check with Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifac, and the NORAD radar at Baccaro, Nova Scotia. They were convinced that this occurrence must have had something to do with a plane going down. Reports came back that there were no aircraft listed as missing in that area.

The Next Day

The next day the HMCS Granby arrived at the location of the Shag Harbour UFO sighting. It had been ordered to find out what had entered the sea the night before.

For days afterwards The Granby sent diver after diver into the murky depths but they all came back empty handed.

For weeks afterwards the Shag Harbour UFO sighting was all anyone in the area would talk about. This died out over time as the investigations and reports came to a dramatic halt….until 1993.

The REAL Shag Harbour UFO Sighting

Chris Styles was a MUFON investigator that found the Shag Harbour incident far to fascinating to ignore. He was joined by fellow MUFON investigator Doug Ledger as he interviewed as many of the witnesses he could find.

These witnesses included local residents and the Divers used by the HMCS Granby. They were told that the vessel that dove into the waters of the harbor had soon left the Shag area. It traveled underwater for about 25 miles to a place called Government Point ( which is located near a submarine base ).

This submarine base managed to locate the strange vessel with it’s sonar and sent out some Naval vessels to float directly above it. These vessels were left in place to eventually salvage the craft.

When the military were about to put their plan into action a second UFO turned up from nowhere and joined the other. The military retreated a little and decided to monitor the pair of strange craft to see what they were up to.

After a few days of monitoring a Russian submarine was reported suddenly entering Canadian waters. This incident was not far away from Government Point so a few of the Navy boats left the area to oppose this new threat.

As soon as the Navy vessels left the UFO’s took their chance and darted out of the water into the skies – never to be seen again.

The Navy boats did give chase for a while but it was pointless – the speed and agility of these advanced craft was to much for them. It is widely believed that the second UFO turned up to give aid to the first. They then both waited for their opportunity and returned to the safety of the skies…

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