Sheepsquatch Monster – The White Thing

Sheepsquatch Monster - The White Thing

OK, I tend to have an open mind as I need one to run this site! But sometimes I stumble upon stories that really do ‘take the biscuit’ so to speak.

I came across a report about a month back on the Sheepsquatch monster and I have to be honest – I let off a little chuckle! But it turns out I may of been a little hasty in my reactions and after further digging I came across some pretty interesting reports.

So this article will cover a few Sheepsquatch theories and incidents I have uncovered and you can make your own mind up on the subject…

The White Thing

The Sheepsquatch monster is also referred to as ‘The White Thing’ in certain circles. It’s sightings seem to indicate it is a native animal of the southwestern region of Virginia.

Descriptions tend to vary but some characteristics always stay constant:

  • It is roughly the same size as a grizzly bear
  • It has very shaggy, wool-like fur ( which is obviously white! )
  • ​It has very sharp, paw-like hands
  • It has a long dog shaped head with saber teeth
  • On top of it’s head it has two short yet sharp horns
  • The tail of the creature has no hair on it whatsoever

​There seems to have been a large amount of activity with this creature throughout the 1990’s. In this time it was spotted in the counties of Boone, Kanawha, Putnam, and Mason.

The Sightings

A navy officer was on a trek through a local forest in 1994 and he apparently witnessed the strange creature arrive at a stream and drink for a few minutes. After it’s refreshments were finished it then proceeded it’s journey across the road and through the forest.

Another sighting in 1994 involved two children spotting the creature whilst playing in their backyard in the county of Boone. It was stood up straight on it’s hind legs but once it noticed the children it ran off into the surrounding forest in fright.

In 1995 there was another incident in Boone county when a couple out on a drive spotted the Sheepsquatch monster sitting at the side of the road. For some reason this brave couple decided to get out of the car to get a closer look at the creature.

As they got nearer to the beast it suddenly spotted them and went into a ferocious fury. The couple jumped back in the car but the creature started to throw itself at the vehicle in anger.

They quickly sped off down the road and did not stop until they reached the safety of their own home. When they later checked the car they noticed several scratch marks from where the creature had attacked.

Another incident occurred in 1999, this time a couple of campers were in the forest of Boone County at night around a campfire. As they sat there they became aware of a animal circling the camp but staying just out of reach of the light.

Without warning the Sheepsquatch charged at their fire and then then turned on the campers themselves. They ran back to their house in terror with the mad creature close behind.

When they reached the end of the forest the Sheepsquatch thankfully gave up it’s chase and let out a loud wailing sound and returned to the safety of the forest.

The frightened campers returned to the forest the next day to retrieve their belongings but everything had been torn to shreds…

Do you have any Sheepsquatch theories to go along with this article? If so we’d love to hear from you! Please leave your opinions in the comment section below.

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