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The Abe Lincoln Ghost

There have been many reports of the Abe Lincoln ghost since his assassination in 1865. The strange thing is that his spirit is thought to haunt multiple locations.

His wandering soul has been spotted at the White House and Ford’s Theater where he was assassinated, at Fort Monroe in Virginia, and at his tomb in Springfield.

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the more famous sightings and paranormal claims…

A Non-Believer

It’s strange to think of the 16th president deciding to ‘hang around’ as he was known for being a bit of a skeptic when it came to religion and the afterlife.

His biographer Doris Kearns Goodwin highlighted this fact in her book – Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. She claims that the great man used to talk often about religious matters before he became president.

In one account she claims he had a long discussion with a neighbor in Illinois about the probability of an afterlife. He ended the conversation by stating:

“I’m afraid there isn’t ( an afterlife ), It isn’t a pleasant thing to think that when we die, that is the last of us.”

Abe LincolnBut his wife Mary did not follow suit with these views – she had strong links to spiritualism and once held a séance in the White House. Lincoln did not mind these gatherings as he believed she was still grieving for their dead son.

Although he did not hold any belief for the afterlife he did believe that he was the receiver of prophetic dreams. The most famous of these dreams was a short time before his assassination.

He dreamed that he entered the East Room and found crowds of workers crying their eyes out. When he asked what was wrong one of the workers claimed that the president was dead.

The night before he was assassinated he had spoke of another dream in which he was alone on a boat sailing to a dark and indefinite shore.

This final dream was actually included as a scene in the recent Steven Spielberg film on the president’s life.

The Abe Lincoln Ghost Sightings

Grace Coolidge was the first person to report paranormal activity involving the former president back in 1923. She strongly believed that she had seen him in the Oval Office staring blankly out of one of the windows.

The next famous sighting came about in 1942 when Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands was on a state visit. She was asleep in her bedroom at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue when she heard a knock at her bedroom door.

She got out of bed and slowly opened the door to reveal the dead president’s figure standing there, staring back at her. She collapsed with fright and had to be revived by one of her helpers.

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s maid, Mary Eban, encountered the Abe Lincoln ghost when she walked into a spare room one day. She looked up to witness the former president sitting on the bed pulling his boots on.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill

The most famous sighting of Lincoln’s ghost came from the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the 1940’s. He was known for hating the prospect of sleeping in the ex-president’s room but he had yet again been put there to sleep one night.

After getting out of the bath, Churchill decided to walk back into the main bedroom naked. When he got there he looked up to see Lincoln leaning against the mantle above the fireplace.

The two men froze and looked at each other before the figure of Lincoln suddenly vanished into thin air. This account was documented in Mark Nesbitt’s book – Civil War Ghost Trails: Stories from America’s Most Haunted Battlefields.

President Reagan’s daughter Maureen also claims to have had various encounters with the former president’s spirit. She noted that he always seemed to appear inside a red colored aura in specific locations throughout the night. Her husband also backed up these claims.

Your Views

What are your views on the idea of the great man still roaming the halls and corridors at at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Do you believe he was a true skeptic or do you believe he may have had more involvement with his wife’s beliefs than he let on?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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