Solar Warden Space Program

Solar Warden Space Program

On June 11th 1985, President Ronald Reagan attended a lunch with a group of American space scientists. Nothing out of the ordinary here, you may think, but you would be wrong.

Later that same evening Reagan made an intriguing entry in his Presidential diary. In it he wrote:

“Lunch with 5 top space scientists. It was fascinating…I learned that our shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300 people.” 

What is amazing about this statement is that at the time America had only five space shuttles with the capacity to carry 8 astronauts each.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out the math.

In 1993 Dr Ben Rich CEO of Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works, designers and manufacturers of revolutionary aircraft, gave a speech to a group of engineers which ended with an image of an aircraft never seen before and the comment:

“We now have the technology to take ET home”

Another innocuous statement or a slip that revealed one of America’s best kept secrets?

In recent years, opinion is swaying more and more to the latter as a series of whistle blowers and computer hackers come forward to offer increasing evidence that the USA allied with other countries controls a secret space fleet.

Known as the Solar Warden Space Program, this top secret fleet of spacecraft has been built using alien technology and is capable of transporting human life to the far reaches of our galaxy.

The Hacker

In 2002 a Scottish systems administrator, Gary McKinnon, performed one of the most audacious hacks of all time.

Searching for evidence that the USA was suppressing evidence of UFOs and sources of free energy he accessed a number of supposedly top secret US government sites.

To his astonishment what he did uncover was evidence that a massive international space fleet was operating from a secret American base under the code name Solar Warden.

While scouring various American naval sites, McKinnon came across a series of spreadsheets which listed the transfer of non-terrestrial officers between ships.

Intriguingly none of the names listed or the vessels they supposedly served upon could be traced, giving rise to McKinnon’s suspicion that the ships concerned were not sea going but spaceships.

Gary McKinnon
Gary McKinnon

McKinnon continued to seek further proof for eighteen months and claimed that he eventually amassed evidence of the existence of eight cigar shaped mother ships each longer than two football fields and 43 smaller vessels.

Located in Dahlgren, Virginia, Solar Warden is controlled by the US Navy network and Space Operation.

The space fleet, he suggested, had been created using reverse technology, in other words at some point alien craft had been dismantled and the technology gained, used to build similar craft on Earth.

McKinnon was only discovered when he attempted to download an image from the Johnson Space Center of what he believed to be a cigar shaped UFO, hovering over Earth.

What followed was an unprecedented ten year battle by the US government to have McKinnon extradited from the UK to face charges in America.

McKinnon vigorously resisted his extradition and garnered support from all over the world.

In 2010 the British Home Secretary denied McKinnon’s extradition on the grounds that he was suffering from a mental disorder.

Others suspect that both the US and UK governments eventually gave up because they were concerned about secrets McKinnon could disclose in open court.

The Whistle Blower 

In recent years many people claimed to have seen UFOs similar to those described by McKinnon at various points across the Earth but particularly in Area 51, Nevada, where the craft are tested.

Intriguingly though someone who claims to have flown these craft has come forward to reveal some of the secrets of Solar Warden.

Using the pseudonym Captain Kaye he claims that Solar Warden is in fact a defence force designed to protect earth from attack.

the secrets of Solar Warden

The Earth Defense Force as he calls it recruits from all over the world, he himself is an ex-marine who says that he has conducted many inter-stellar flights during his service.

The problem is of course is that Kaye’s testimony cannot be verified due to his decision to remain anonymous.

Freedom of Information

Keen to prove or disprove the rumors of a secret space fleet, one British investigator, Darren Perks, took matters into his own hands and without much expectation of success contacted the Department of Defense in the USA.

Using the freedom of information act he asked for details of the Solar Warden Space Program. To his astonishment he received the following reply:

“About an hour ago I spoke to a NASA rep who confirmed this was their program and that it was terminated by the President. He also informed me that it was not a joint program with the DoD. The NASA rep informed me that you should be directed to the Johnson Space Center.”

Clearly then at some point there was a space program conducted in America with the code name Solar Warden.

Obviously this does not prove the existence of a massive space fleet but does confirm that Gary McKinnon and others did not lie when they referred to the connection between the code name, NASA and the DoD.

Why all the Secrecy? 

In an age when the prestige of a country is often linked to its technological advances and to a large extent space exploration, why would the USA keep such amazing technology secret?

Well, there are a number of possible reasons…

Many people believe that other countries including Canada, Australia, Russia, Italy, Austria and the United Kingdom are involved in financing the Solar Warden Space Fleet from secret black budgets.

Unethical possibly, but hardly a reason to keep the operation so secret. More sinister is the acquisition of the technology needed to build the craft that if they do in fact exist.

The anti-gravitational technology required to construct such spaceships should be beyond human capabilities for at least the next twenty years.

anti-gravitational technology

Many theorists suggest that they can only have been constructed using extra-terrestrial knowledge, either through reverse engineering or through direct contact with aliens themselves.

Equally sinister is the idea that this massive fleet has been built to defend the Earth from some unseen force.

Does this secrecy mask a desire to protect the general public from the knowledge that there is something out there that will send us into a blind panic?

Another even more incredible theory is that the space craft are being used to covertly colonize Mars and even now are traveling between Earth and secret underground bases on the red planet.


Despite the evidence offered, many people still find it difficult to accept the existence of the Solar Warden Space Program.

The fleet McKinnon and others describe is so enormous it would require hundreds if not thousands of people to build, staff and maintain it.

It seems unlikely that more people haven’t come forward to reveal what they know.

The technical knowledge required to build craft capable of manned space travel to Mars and beyond is supposedly beyond human capabilities at this point in time and the explanation that it came from extra-terrestrials, is difficult to believe.

At the same time no one can deny the evidence that McKinnon uncovered and the fury of the American government when they discovered what he had done.

Freedom of information enquiries also revealed that a program with the Solar Warden code name definitely existed, although the nature of the program was not revealed.

Increasing sightings of UFOs across the world have bear witness that spacecraft such as that described by those who believe in the program, definitely exist.

At the moment we don’t know the truth and the Solar Warden Space Program remains an enigma.

Perhaps it will take another lone hacker sometime in the future, to once again crack the computer networks of the world’s superpowers and reveal the truth once and for all.

12 comments on “Solar Warden Space Program

  1. I see at least two potential reasons why this may not be true. 1 – the amount of natural resources needed would be huge; enough to be noticed. 2 – something big enough to hold 300 people would have to be built in orbit; which would be noticeable in the night sky. Of course, one simple phrase will render my observations moot: “Alien Technology.”

  2. I love your site. Anything that is a mystery, whether it’s UFOs, the occult, ghosts, spirits, numerology, astrology, is completely fascinating to me. I have never heard of the Solar Warden Space Program but now I am very curious. Plus, I never say never about anything! So, I am going to subscribe to your feed. So interesting! Great site!

  3. I think this is possible, with the invention of the lockheed X22 which ” has ” an anti gravity engine, so it is possible for the US. To have a Anti gravity tech, seen? I remember watching a video about a US. Convoy getting hit by an IED and a sort of invisible soldier gets out, video is allegedly made by terrories of some sort, and it is possible they made that huge ship with machine and just a couple of tech. Guys, they do use robots to create cars and big ships and even planes right? So i think this is possible and plus Awesome.the vid about the invisible soldier is in youtube.

    1. Hi Kian,

      Really liking this subject about the invisible soldier – YouTube you say? There’s definitely an article in there somewhere so we’ll have to look into that further. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!

  4. Aerospace engineer William Tompkins has recently come forward, interviewed by David Wilcock on his involvement with Solar Warden. It was a collaboration between the Navy and McDonald Douglas there Tompkins worked. He claimed to have designed and built the vessels underground in Utah.
    According to Corey Goode an abductee taken into space and put to work doing intelligence gathering for the SSP(Secret Space Alliance) that Solar Warden is now called “The Black Fleet”. Super interesting topic true or not it’s still fascinating.

    1. Hi Bobsan!

      Going to look into this engineer William Tompkins character a bit further – sounds like the basis for a good article! 🙂
      Thanks for taking the time to share your opinions with us here.

  5. There is a few things that makes this a bit difficult
    1. There is no concrete evidence to the public or whatsoever that any kind of alien technology needed for this engineering exists.
    2. The amount of resources needed (and workforce) would have been noticed.
    3. Even with the technology to hide a ship that size any person with a decent telescope would have reported this strange object blocking the light towards the stars from their view.
    4. A ship / Vessel that size will cast a shadow the size of a small town or even bigger would it be orbiting close to earth ( Depending on location*) , but still there would be a noticeable shadow of some sort.
    5. A ship / Vessel that size would require a very strong power source (and not noticeable to many instruments) , solar power generation will be too noticeable and would reveal the ship / vessel. Most of the other power sources will be noticeable on different levels exposing the ship / vessel.
    My conclusion will be that if anything like this existed it would most likely be stationed very far away and most likely behind a planet as to keep it out of sight. If you imagine the closest planet to us Venus and sometimes Mars , then look at the time needed to travel that distance so then the resources and power factor should play in the favor of “Alien Technology”. Very interesting subject thou. Just my opinion. Loving this site and all the threads!

    1. Sorry for the delay in publishing this Brendan – Heavy week!

      Thanks for taking the time to include these points on our article – very interesting viewpoints (and I’m glad you’re enjoying the site so much!) 🙂

  6. If these tech advances were possible then why so much trouble with the F35 joint strike fighter considering the Governments mentioned as possible co-financiers is much the same.

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