Solway Firth Spaceman Incident – The Men in Black

Solway Firth Spaceman Incident - The Men in Black

In 1964 a simple family day trip turned out to be a nightmare that would shroud them in international mystery. The Solway Firth spaceman incident is one of the most engrossing stories I have ever come across…

Making New Memories

It was the 23rd of May in 1964 and Jim Templeton had decided to take his family out to a nice rural area to create some new family memories.

Jim Templeton was a former fireman and he had a good eye for photography. He took both his wife and his young daughter out to the Burgh Marsh near the Solway Firth estuary in Cumbria.

It seemed the perfect environment to grab some impressive photos so they found a spot and parked up.

As they walked along the grassy area they took note that the local cattle seemed bunched up in one corner of the marsh. This was strange as cattle usually fill up their area and scatter about munching on grass.

He found a picturesque spot and sat his daughter down in a pose holding a small bunch of flowers. He took a moment to focus and snapped what he thought was a lovely shot.

They got up and proceeded with the walk taking various other pictures along the way.

The Spaceman

When they arrived home Jim took the photo reel down to his local chemists to have it developed as soon as possible. A few days later he returned there to pick them up.

After a short chat he was bemused to hear the chemist comment on the picture of his daughter holding the flowers.

Jim asked what he meant and the chemist explained it was a great shame that some guy had walked past his daughter as he took the shot.

The Spaceman

Jim quickly shuffled through the pictures and found the one the chemist was talking about – sure enough there seemed to be a man wearing some sort of spacesuit behind the young girl!

He was positive there was nobody in the vicinity when he snapped this particular picture of his daughter.

Gathering Pace

The Solway Firth spaceman incident gathered pace at astonishing speed. First it was reported to the police and then Kodak, the photographic film company, were also contacted.

Kodak went as far as to start up a competition offering anyone who could solve the mystery free film for life. Nobody could – the film had not been tampered with and it certainly was not a fake!

It wasn’t long before the local then national press got hold of the story and they published the picture. Jim was adamant that there was no UFO present when this picture was taken – he admitted to not even believing in them anyway!

The Men in Black

This is where the Solway Firth spaceman incident gets really interesting…

About a fortnight after this picture became national news two strange men turned up at Jim’s house – they were both wearing dark black suits.

They were not like any other men Jim had encountered before – they looked normal enough but they acted very strangely indeed.

When they were addressing one another they did not use names instead opting for numbers!

They managed to convince Jim to return to the spot where he had taken the photograph and bombarded him with strange questions. They seemed intent on finding out what the wildlife was doing on that fateful day – how it was acting.

It got to the point where they tried to convince Jim that the man in the photo was an ordinary man Jim had known was there. They were trying to get him to admit to this but Jim kept on sticking to his story ( the truth ) until they started to lose their temper.

When they finally realized Jim was no mug and their tactics were not going to work they jumped back in their car and sped off leaving him at the scene ( miles from home! ).

Down Under

The Cumberland News newspaper got back in contact with Jim a few weeks after his strange encounter with the men in black.

They asked Jim whether he would be comfortable with them sending the negatives over to Australia ( of all places! ).

Blue Streak RocketCertain parts of the press out there had already published the photo and the Woomera test range area in Southern Australia had taken an interest in it.

Jim asked why the test range was so interested in the photo and was told the day after the picture was taken they were due to launch a rocket. The countdown had to be abandoned half way through due to two men being spotted in the launch area.

The two men were apparently carbon copies of the man that showed up in the picture of Jim’s daughter.

The rocket being launched was a Blue Streak rocket and Jim later learned that these same rockets were being manufactured at Spadeadam – an area less than ten miles away from where he originally took the picture!

Blue Streak Coincidence

These men turned up at the only two places on the planet that housed these Blue Streak rockets – why is that?

After years and years of testing we know that the photograph at the center of the Solway Firth spaceman incident is not a fake!

Nobody has given a credible explanation for the photograph!

The men in black that visited Jim have never been identified!

What are YOUR thoughts on the subject?

3 comments on “Solway Firth Spaceman Incident – The Men in Black

  1. It was the wife in the background, the exposure just white her out. Look at the linked image. It shows a shot of the girl and her mom off to the right. I can definitely see similarities in the clothes, despite the color difference.

    1. Hi thanks for sending us through the picture – interesting angle but we’re still not convinced (we never are – we’re geeks LOL!) 🙂
      Anyway, for those who are interested in viewing the picture you will need to replace the (dot) in the link with an actual dot (.)
      Unfortunately links in comment sections register as spam in Google’s eyes so we have to doctor them slightly!
      Cheers for sending this in Joseph.

    2. You’re quite correct Joe. Once you perceive that the “spaceman” figure is actually the BACK of a person – the shoulders and the angle of the right arm/elbow make it quite clear – it’s hard to unsee. Which means, of course, that the “space visor” is nothing of the kind – just hair and maybe a scarf or something on her head. I go back and forth between the idea that the guy who took the picture knew exactly what it was – his wife – and took advantage of the odd appearance for some publicity, or that he simply didn’t remember that he caught his wife in the background and was himself mystified by the appearance of a “spaceman.”

      Either way, it’s a fine example of people seeing what they think they should see based on the power of suggestion instead of seeing what is actually there.

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