Spiral Sky Over Norway


Spiral Sky Over Norway

I’ve now come across several ‘explanations’ on the spiral sky over Norway but all of them seem a little unsatisfactory. It’s not just me being picky – thousands of people are having their say and claiming this incident was down to unnatural forces.

Theories have ranged from a misfired Russian missile, meteor fireball, never-before-seen type of northern light, black hole and even alien activity.

What caused the spiral sky over Norway in 2009…

The Spiral Sky

On the evening of December 9, 2009, worried onlookers inundated the Norwegian Meteorological Institute with phone calls. Something fantastic was lighting up the sky so bright it could be seen in both Norway and Sweden.

The spiral sky over Norway seemed to just float within the atmosphere for approximately five minutes and had a trail that disappeared off into the distance.

It wasn’t long before the panic led to stories of wormholes to other dimensions, a visiting UFO and even a rogue Black Hole.

The official view turned out to be a Russian Bulava missile test had gone drastically wrong and resulted in the strange display in the skies over Norway. The Russian Ministry of Defense backed this up by claiming there had been a technical malfunction in one of their rocket launches that day.

Here’s the incident captured on video:

It’s been a few years now but for some reason the incident is still quite a hot topic. The sites that agree with the Russian rocket theory all seem to be skeptic-run sites ( no surprise there! ).

But it’s the comment sections of these sites I find the most interesting – people ARE NOT buying this explanation!

Could a rocket really make this sort of display in the sky and if so why haven’t they shown simple video evidence to prove it? It would be easy enough to post a few similar examples of this type of explosive reaction online wouldn’t it?

So we’ve decided to sit firmly on the fence with this one…

If you have any opinions on the Norwegian incident in 2009 please leave them in the comment section below:

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  1. It’s either h.a.a.r.p or cern, I believe this happened right near h.a.a.r.p. they are basically fucking with things they shouldn’t, they have learned how to Pierce dimensions with neutrinos now. Research it, not good. And as for cern those people aren’t right in the head. Just you tube it see what i mean. Also type in “i,pet goat” into you tube

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