Stairs in the Forests

Stairs in the Forests


The subject of mysterious stairs in the forests has been gathering ‘internet momentum’ over the past several years, and it’s got to a point where new instances are frequently showing up. This article covers a few of the more famous/popular reports and locations.

The Etruscan Pyramid of Bomarzo

The Etruscan Pyramid of Bomarzo is found in Viterbo, Italy, and is made up of a huge stone megalith with mysterious stairs that lead all the way up to a strange platform that sits at the top of the structure.

Experts have recently dated the structure to the seventh century BCE, but nobody really knows what it was used for.


The Etruscan Pyramid of Bomarzo


It’s worth noting that the Etruscans were keen on pleasing their gods with sky-based divinations and sacrifices – could this be what the strange pyramid was built for?

Mount Phnom Kulen

A mysterious 2000 foot-long staircase can be found in the Cambodian Siem Reap province that runs up the Phnom Kulen mountain. Locals call this strange staircase the ‘Pleu Cere’ and experts believe it could be dated as far back as the 9th century.

Unfortunately, none of these experts seem to know why it was built or who built it!

Locals to the area believe that the staircase could have once led to the fabled city of Mahendraparvata (a city that was ‘eaten up’ by the jungle).


Mount Phnom Kulen


The Staircase of Missing Time

This report originates from the Philippines…

A experienced ranger named Torkik spent most of his life locating lost people in the jungle, and on one of his routine jungle searches, he came across two staircases that led deep into the forest.

He’d never seen these structures before, so he decided to climb one of them and use it as a vantage point for his journey. One of the staircases was a stone structure with decorative carvings on it, and the second staircase looked more like something someone had put together with natural stones.


The Staircase of Missing Time


When he was halfway up the decorative staircase he turned to see a vicious dog growling at him from the bottom of the steps, so he carried on upwards and waited until the dog had disappeared.

When he eventually arrived back at his ranger station his furious boss sacked him on the spot…apparently Torkik had been lost in the jungle for five years…but to Torkik…it only seemed like he had been gone for several hours…

The Vanishing Staircase

In the 1940’s, not long after the Roswell incident, a man who claimed to work with the CDC as an infectious disease specialist put forward a report on numerous ‘mysterious stairs’ incidents.

He had been called in to assist with reports of cattle mutilation, and during the 6 month period he worked in the area, he came across several fellow workers who claimed to have encountered strange stairs appearing in various fields. These stairs were said to give off a mysterious and powerful frequency when approached.

A few of these workers had decided to camp near the stairs…only to find that they had moved by the following morning, leaving a black burn mark where they had stood.

The Reddit Report

A strange report surfaced on the social media site Reddit a few years ago…


The Reddit Report


It was apparently posted by a rookie park ranger who had been trained by a more experienced ranger. This older ranger had told him about a time when he and a fellow ranger stumbled across a lone staircase in the woods. His friend decided to walk to the top of the stairs, but lost his footing as he went. He reached out to grab a branch for support…and something cut his hand clean off!

They never managed to find the severed hand.

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  1. Wow, fascinating, never heard of this before today! Going to have to do some more reading on this. And I hope poor Torkik got 5-years worth of back pay, or at least a “you ok, where you been” before getting fired! I’m wondering about the significance of that dog though. Was it real, or a manifestation/or warning about the stairs? And why wouldn’t it follow him up the stairs if it was aggressive?

    1. Well that’s quite an admission really – but they could have said the same about Bigfoot, aliens…anything they wanted! I’d take it with a pinch of salt.

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