Strange Space Anomalies – The NASA Files


Strange Space Anomalies - The NASA Files

As you can imagine we often come across strange space anomalies during the day to day running of this site. Sometimes we find single cases of interest and other times we are lucky enough to find compilations of various cases.

Well today we got pretty lucky through a routine search on a forum. This site is actually a member of that forum and a fellow member was kind enough to post a video of strange space anomalies from actual NASA files.

Before we go any further I feel it’s only right that you watch the video first – after all it’s a damn fine video ( in our humble opinion! ).

So did you enjoy it? Well I certainly hope so! I got about four minutes into the video before I realized that it was worth sharing on this site!

The video itself must be credited to JDQuantum – he deserves a big round of applause please!

As you can see each of the various segments is interesting for various reasons – ALL of them are fascinating ( and it’s not often I get to say that! ).

Anyway if you watch the video and you enjoy it please support the publisher by liking or sharing it. It’s also an idea to pop over to YouTube and see what other unexplained videos he has on offer – there could be some real gems there if this is anything to go by!!!!

This is just a short post by us today due to the fact we want to let the video information do the talking – not us for once!

We hope you enjoyed this video post and hopefully we will be posting more video evidence on strange space anomalies in the near future!

Please leave any thoughts or opinions on the video in the comment section below. Interaction is key to this site evolving in the way we want it to so please don’t hold back – have a voice!


2 comments on “Strange Space Anomalies – The NASA Files

  1. Tried watching the utube video but it says its been removed due to a third party. Is there any other way to view this video? Very interested in this stuff an been reading your website for two days straight now!!

    1. Ahh that’s a shame Sasha – this often happens. I’ll have to see if I can locate another version of it somewhere….
      Thanks for pointing that out 🙂

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