Was Marilyn Monroe Killed?

Was Marilyn Monroe Killed?

On the 5th of August, 1962, Marilyn Monroe died in her elaborate Brentwood, Los Angeles, home. The main housekeeper to the property, Eunice Murray, found her dead body and proceeded to call her personal psychiatrist, Ralph Greenson, before alerting authorities. She died at the relatively young age of 36. After her autopsy the corner informed the public that she had died through […]

The Betsy Aardsma Murder

  On ​November 28, 1969, a graduate English student arrived at a Penn State campus library to research some homework for an upcoming study. Shortly after her arrival her body was found in a dark library book row. In this article we will be looking at the mystery that surrounds the Betsy Aardsma murder… The Library When Betsy […]

Beverly Potts Disappearance - Who Killed Beverly Potts?

Beverly Potts Disappearance – Who Killed Beverly Potts?

The tragic case of the Beverly Potts disappearance turned even more mysterious by the arrival of a letter confession on a Cleveland reporter’s desk. Who killed Beverly Potts and was this murderous correspondence the real deal? August 24 The Beverly Potts disappearance took place on the evening of August 24, 1951. At the time Beverly […]