The Abandoned City of Pripyat

The Abandoned City of Pripyat

This article will be taking a look at the paranormal activity linked to the abandoned city of Pripyat, built in February, 1970, to house the workers of the Chernobyl Nuclear Powerplant…

The Explosion

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant’s No.4 reactor famously exploded during a safety test on the 26th of April, 1986. The tragic event caused streams of radioactive substances to reach numerous areas across the USSR and Europe.

At first, nobody in Pripyat had any sort of idea of what was falling in their atmosphere – most of them slept peacefully in their beds.

The following day, they had still not been alerted to the danger they were in…many locals began suffering from headaches and nausea, fits and vomiting. Doctor’s offices and the hospital started to overload with people complaining about a strange metallic taste in their mouths.

pripyat ukraine abandoned city

On the 28th of April the citizens of Pripyat were finally alerted to the danger they were in…the city was then evacuated within 48 hours.

The people of Pripyat were told that the evacuation was a temporary measure, so they left most of their belongings in their homes. They never returned.

After The Evacuation

The city ended up being fenced off and fed back to nature – all of the homes, and their belongings, remained where they were.

Plant life slowly began to creep it’s way through concrete walls and the roads cracked and crumbled.

A lone guard was placed on the gated entry to the city.

After a time, the radiation levels began to drop and the area became safe enough for humans, as long as they only stayed for a few hours. These days, tours are allowed to take place there.

After The Evacuation

The lone security guard has been no match for local vandals and homeless people. Many of the buildings have now been ransacked and numerous people have been found trying to make a home for themselves in the abandoned buildings.

It’s quite a risk to take – but the homeless are willing to take it…as long as they get a roof over their heads…

The Ghost City

Over the months and years following the disaster, many evacuated residents of Pripyat died from strange cancers and other complications arising from their exposure to the nuclear fallout.

The abandoned city itself is said to be littered with the ghosts of children who died after they were evacuated from their homes.

In certain areas of the city, toys have been gathered up and stored in specific rooms…forming a makeshift playroom for kids. Many paranormal investigators believe that the spirit’s of the dead children are moving the toys – making a comfortable and safe area for them to play.

There have also been numerous reports involving ghostly fire fighters and medical teams, who always instantly disappear when they are approached.

Certain psychics believe that the radiation in the city allows visitors to be more sensitive to the spirits left there – it allows remnants of history be played out more easily.

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