The Al Capone Jimmy Ghost

The Al Capone Jimmy Ghost

Many stories have been told about Al Capone and the Al Capone Jimmy ghost incident is just one of them. With more than 1,000 armed men at his command, Al Capone was as gangster as they come.


You either feared him enough to do what he wanted, or you were loyal to him to follow his every order religiously, or he just plain owned you!

Yes, he owned almost half the politicians and police officers.

Ever seen movies or TV programs where witnesses disappear in the hands of crooked lawmen or mean looking scar-faced henchmen, just to protect some crime boss…? That was Al Capone…

in the flesh!

Hollywood gangsters are modeled after this guy…

Now, I want you to imagine this man, whose mere presence could make a respectable father wet his pants in front of his children, this man who could order people’s deaths like they were just flies, no wait…Al Capone was known to shoot and maim victims or just shoot them dead himself without batting an eyelid!

Now, take all that viciousness and imagine that same man…screaming like a little petrified girl; tucked away in a corner, crying and begging for mercy…a sorry sight.

And that was the almighty Al Capone during his later years up until the time he passed on to the “Gangsters Paradise”.

He died a completely broken man…a haunted soul…definitely haunted by his past…but by what or whom…?

From Brooklyn to Chicago

Born in Brooklyn, NY, to immigrant parents from Italy, Alphonse Gabriel Capone grew up like any other kid in the early 1900’s.

That was until “Al” moved to Chicago and got mixed up with the wrong people.

Well, he started off as a mere bodyguard and close friend to one of the crime syndicate bosses by the name of Johnny Torrio.

Torrio ran an underground illegal booze business. Al Capone who was a quick and ambitious learner soon rose to become the top dog by the time he celebrated his 26th birthday.

He controlled a multi-million dollar business dealing with illegal alcohol, gambling, prostitution, and death to the competition.

Al Capone

Many saw him as a psychopath who only cared for himself. Those closer to him however still talk of a totally different side of him, the family side…

America and Chicago will always remember the crime boss for exactly what he was though…a very, very, very bad man…period.

At the height of his criminal activities, that was from 1925 to sometime about early 1929, Al Capone owned politicians; in fact, he was so rich and powerful that he could steer election outcomes!

Half the police force were in his pocket; he was the type of boss who could make policemen make fellow police officers disappear.

Powerful people in the society owed him “favors” through bribes, and the rest just feared him through violent intimidation. Things were going great for him, he ran Chicago.

So what happened to Al Capone? How did he lose touch with his empire and later with reality? Who was Jimmy?

Death on a Lovely Day

It was on the fateful day of February 14th, 1929, that Al Capone would make the biggest mistake of his life. A Rival Gang calling themselves the North Side Gang wanted in on the illegal liquor profits.

Al Capone would have none of it. To make matters even worse, his longtime arch nemesis, Moran a.k.a Bugs was part of the rivaling gang. He was going to take care of them all…Capone went to work.

He sent some of his men dressed as cops to the enemy camp. Of course with authentic uniforms, the fake police officers found their way into the North Side Gang’s territory and rounded up 7 men in what was a routine “police raid”.

Lined up against the wall with their hands in the air, all seven were brutally shot to death by the thug cops armed with machine guns. It was a horrible sight. It was also the beginning of Al Capone’s downfall.

The King Goes South…

Many people who had collaborated with him until this time changed their minds about dealing with a cold blooded “lunatic” killer.

Pressure from the public had the law in Al Capone’s face but as expected, they could not tie this massacre to him. Something else had to be done…something had to give.

The day was soon to come when Al Capone slipped up and got arrested with a firearm on a visit to Philadelphia. He ended up in the Eastern State Pen. It was here that the mighty giant to would quickly turn into a wimpy mouse.

Although Al Capone was given special treatment in jail, nothing could stop what was coming. His cell had a radio, paintings on the wall, some furniture and even a floor mat. He was still a king behind bars.

But thing were about to change…

Capone started freaking out and screaming in the middle of the night. Those in nearby cells remember him crying out to some “Jimmy” to stop tormenting him and leave him alone.

Al Capone soon went from the big boss to the big sissy! He was breaking down fast…

But what was causing this?

There are 2 versions trying to explain Al Capone’s mental illness that even saw him get admitted to a mental institution in Baltimore after six long years in the slammer.

Case #1: The Doctor Yells Venereal!

Science explains Al Capone’s madness as just a severe case of Syphilis. When it goes untreated for a long time, Syphilis can grow into a condition known as neurosyphilis.

Doctors estimated that he could have contracted Syphilis when he was 20 years old working as a bouncer at a brothel. By the time he was dying, Al Capone had the IQ of a 12 year old and totally out of it!

Those few years working at the brothel…and owing to the lifestyle he was known for during those days…neurosyphilis is very feasible.

However, believers of the supernatural see it differently…

Case #2: “Jimmy” Comes Knocking From Beyond…

Remember the Valentine’s Day massacre? Well, it turns out that Capone failed to kill Moran, but he got Moran’s brother-in-law instead; a guy by the name of Albert Kachellek…Alias…James Clark a.k.a Jimmy.

Believers of the paranormal say that Capone was heard shouting Jimmy’s name because it was Jimmy’s ghost that he kept seeing!

Jimmy apparently followed Al Capone from Eastern State Pen to the Atlanta US Pen where he did 11 years and later to the infamous Alcratraz.

Capone was by this time becoming a wreck and Jimmy wasn’t letting go!

It wasn’t until sometime in 1931 that he could take no more and he hired the services of a medium known as Alice Britt.

This failed miserably and Jimmy continued to have his way with the crime boss until the time of his death in 1946.

Final Thoughts…

The source of Al Capone’s madness and tormented end is still a mystery. What do you believe? Is science right? Was this a case of a venereal disease gone terribly wrong?

Or does the Al Capone Jimmy ghost case make more sense to you? Do you believe that it was Jimmy all along?

You decide…

The truth lies in perception!


9 comments on “The Al Capone Jimmy Ghost

  1. Can syphilis go undetected for that long? Surely he would have noticed the rash? I guess, if there was no treatment yet it wouldn’t matter if he noticed it or not.

    1. Being a Capone expert (i.e. I read 3 books on him, lol) apparently the first 3 stages of syphilis are relatively unnoticeable. Its the 4th stage in which it kind of all hits you at once. So he could have lived with it without showing any affects, as well as gotten treated for it and been just fine the rest of his life (well “fine” is subjective I guess).

  2. Capone had a feces fight with another inmate at Alcatraz hospital. The general description was he was mentally unstable. This was a few years after the supposed Jimmy ghost, but may add some credence.

  3. Could be a mix of disease and his own guilt.In my opinion he probably liked this Jimmy guy or felt some compassion for him. Being the ruthless gangster he was had to fulfill his duty. Yes disease can play a part but I feel it was his own guilt that got him in the end.Maybe he had a heart after all? Or had some compassion?It will always be up for debate but in the end he killed a man and knew he was wrong and maybe had some compassion for him? You decide…..

    1. Hi Heather,

      Yeah I always got the feeling from reports that he had a ‘soft spot’ for this Jimmy character, but had no option other than kill him…unfortunately.

  4. As I recall this story, Capone was mistrustful of doctors, and terrified of needles. I doubt he would have accepted treatment for this condition even if he had known about it.

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