The Amityville Ghost Boy Photo

The Amityville Ghost Boy Photo

In this article we will be covering the famous Amityville ghost boy photo captured by professional photographer Gene Campbell in 1976. Is this the image of John Mathew DeFeo’s ghost?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Amityville Horror House Murders

Ronald DeFeo Jr. burst into a local bar in Amityville, New York, on November the 13th, 1974 – the 23-year-old was screaming for help because his parents had been shot at 112 Ocean Avenue.

DeFeo managed to convince a handful of drinkers to ocompany him back to the house…where they found his dead parents.

The police were phoned immediately and their search revealed that another four members of the family were found dead within the house.

Each family member was killed by a single shot, except for DeFeo’s parents, who were both shot twice.

Ronald DeFeo attempted to convince the local lawmen that this had been a mafia hit – a lone hitman had broke into the home and killed his entire family…but the police saw straight through this jumbled cover-up…and pointed out the inconsistencies.

Ronald DeFeo eventually admitted to the murders.

The Amityville Horror House Murders

DeFeo was put on trial…but it turned out to be one of the most interesting trials in American history. Apparently, Ronald DeFeo was following orders from voices in his head when he killed his family…because he was possessed by the devil.

The jury did not buy it – he was found guilty on six accounts of second degree murder and for each he received a life sentence.

The Amityville Horror Ghost Boy

George and Kathy Lutz purchased the DeFeo house ‘on the cheap’ in 1975 – they were obviously not that bothered about the murders that had taken place there…and they liked the sound of a bargain!

They famously spent twenty eight days of terror in the property before fleeing.

The world-renowned paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, then took on the case, and carried out numerous tests within the house.

During one of their investigations, the Warrens invited a professional photographer named Gene Campbell to help them with their studies. He set up a camera on the second floor landing facing several of the bedrooms – it was set to a system that allowed periodically shot photos using infra-red film.

The camera was left in position for well over 24 hours, and was then packed up along with it’s film, and taken out of the house to be developed.

The actual ‘ghost boy’ image did not surface until three years later…

The Original Picture
The Original Campbell Picture

Numerous paranormal investigators claimed that this was indeed the image of nine-year-old John Mathew DeFeo – murdered by his brother on that fateful night.

It’s worth noting that over time – many believe the Amityville case to be a fraud, put together by Lutz’s lawyer one night after several bottles of wine. It’s also been suggested that Campbell invited a young boy into the property to create the ghostly image.

What do you think?

If you have any opinions on the Amityville ghost boy photo, please leave them in the comment section below.

10 comments on “The Amityville Ghost Boy Photo

  1. I grew up believing this story. Its a creepy picture but it doesn’t look anything like the picture of little boy. Maybe if there was a picture of him at that age instead of a picture when he was very young. We could judge it a little better. I dont think its him. But I could be wrong. The only people who know exactly what happened that night are dead. I am a believer in the paranormal

  2. I am 51 years old, and I first read the book in 1977 when I was 10 years old. I was fascinated with the story, and then went on to read about DeFeo and his court trial. I have no idea if DeFeo carried the murders out by himself or with help. However, there is no way that nobody would have stirred in their beds on two different floors when shots rang out. Also none of the neighbors heard shots. And their wasn’t a silencer on the gun. How is it possible that nobody heard shots? Also, I believe that something happened to the Lutz family, though I believe it was greatly exaggerated. When people say how is it possible that nobody who has moved in this house has experienced anything, I say that the answer is simple. George Lutz dabbled into the occult. I’ve always felt the paranormal is only real if you believe it. He invited it in. Also, the murders had just happened.

    1. Yeah those are pretty cool views Andy, I have to say that I agree with you. There is no smoke without fire, and we all know that things were exaggerated somewhat…but something went down, something out of the ordinary. Thanks for the comment!

  3. As far as no one hearing the gun shots…that has happened numerous times even when a person committed suicide in the residence. The person used a shotgun and his wife and another family member were in the residence. No one heard a thing. That is not unusual. I have investigate several cases where no gunshots were heard by others in the same house. Forget neighbors hearing a gunshot unless the neighbor was standing in the yard and a window was open..maybe they will hear it.

  4. Whoever it is….he/she is wearing glasses. The flash reflects off the lenses. Hmmm…would a ghostly image reflect light??

    1. I’ll be honest – I have no idea!

      I would think that some apparitions would reflect/refract, then again who’s to say that all apparitions are the same, and from the same place?
      Good question really Patricia!

      1. Some photos have been caught with spirit faces the eyes are the same. There’s no glasses on the boys face. Been a paranormal investigator for years done over 550 investigations seen pics of spirits a lot are dark greyish looking faces.

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