The Amityville House Story

The Amityville House Story

Many believe that the Amityville house story is one of the most revealing stories of our times. It told the tale of a family that moved into a home and all “hell” broke loose.

There has been much controversy over this story because many believed that it was all fabricated to gain media attention and make money…

The Book The Sparked The Media Frenzy

It all started with a book that was published in 1977 by Jay Anson. The book reveled experiences that the Lutz family had in the home, and it has sparked so much controversy that there have even been lawsuits regarding its claims.

The haunting is said to be a result of a mass murder that happened in the home back in 1974. Ronald DeFeo, Jr. killed his family of six on November 13, of 1974.

He was sentenced to life in prison and the home went on the market. The Lutz family was the unlucky recipients of this place. They lived in the home a mere 28 days before leaving due to the terrorizing amount of paranormal activity.

A Deal Too Good To Pass Up

The home is at 112 Ocean Drive in Long island, New York. It’s a beautiful, statley and just the place anyone would want to raise a family.

The Lutz family felt fortunate to get it for such a good deal. The home had been sitting empty for well over a year when they discovered it.

The price was too good to pass up at $80,000. Located on a picturesque canal; it had a swimming pool and lush vegetation; it was their dream home. It was a Dutch Colonial with a gable roof that was quite stunning.

The Lutz family was warned about the previous murders, but they said it didn’t bother them. They moved their three children and dog into the home on December 19, 1975.

For a mere $400, they were able to purchase the DeFeo furniture from the estate. George was a non-practicing Methodist and Kathy a Catholic.

After a friend found out about the murders, he insisted that George have the home blessed to protect them. Father Mancuso showed up on December 18, 1975, while the family was doing some unpacking to do the blessing.

During the session, the priest was upstairs in a bedroom and a voice roared for him to “get out.” He didn’t want to frighten the couple, so he kept it to himself.

Compelled to tell them, he later called and warned them to avoid this room on the second floor. The phone call was full of static and George couldn’t hear what was he was saying.

The priest experienced blisters and all sorts of ailments after this session, which is known as Stigmata. Though the Lutz experienced nothing, at first, things took a drastic turn for the worse.

The Activity Intensifies

The couple soon learned that George had a close resemblance to the Defeo man who killed his family. Every morning George would wake up at 3:15 am, the time of the murders.

The family dealt with swarms of flies, cold spots, smells of perfume, and even a secret red room that was discovered. One child developed an imaginary friend named Jodie. They would see apparitions in the house, including glowing eyes and demonic figures.

Amityville House Side View

Having all they could take, the Lutz family decided in January of 1976 to have the house blessed again. There is no record of this blessing in the book or on tape, as they said the experiences were beyond frightening.

The family moved from the home on January 14, 1976. They said that the paranormal activities followed them. They left with only the clothes on their backs. Movers came to unload the home the next day, but they reported nothing out of the ordinary.

The book about the activity on 112 Ocean drive sold over 10 million copies. James Cromarty and his wife bought the home after the Lutz family left. They reported no paranormal activity at all.

The only problem they had was being bothered by people stopping to take pictures and ask questions about the famous house. There have been several families in the home after them, all of which report nothing abnormal.

Fact or Fiction?

There have been many stories floating around, and some say that the Lutz family simply corroborated with Jay Anson to make money by fabricating stories about the old home.

Others think that the spiritual activity did, in fact, follow the Lutz family when they left the house, which allowed the other families to live in peace there. Whether the Amityville house story is a horror or a hoax is still very debatable.

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