The Armin Meiwes Cannibalism Case

The Armin Meiwes Cannibalism Case

This article will be covering the strange Armin Meiwes cannibalism case from 2001 – did he really commit a crime by eating a willing participant?

Let’s take a closer look…

NOTE: This article contains some pretty disturbing information!

Armin Meiwes the Cannibal

German computer technician, Armin Meiwes, left the following message on the Cannibal Cafe forums in 2000…

“Looking for a well-built 18- to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed”

He was searching for a willing participant so that he could fulfill one of his cannibalistic fantasies. The forums were set up for rather disturbed individuals to join and talk about their obsession with the act of cannibalism.

Armin Meiwes the Cannibal

Surprisingly, several people responded to Armin’s post…but only one of these responders seemed to be up for going through with the macabre act.

Borg Jose responded and met with Meiwes at his home, he wasn’t there for long before he spread himself out on Meiwes’s kitchen table and asked to be slaughtered.

But, when it came to the crunch, Jose backed out at the very last moment. Meiwes had no problem with this, as he didn’t want to kill a man who was not willing to die.

Bernd Jurgen Brandes

An engineer from Berlin, Bernd Jurgen Brandes, finally agreed to meet with Meiwes – he was interested in becoming the ‘subject’ who was killed then slaughtered (the mind boggles!).

The meeting took place on March the 9th, 2001.

Brandes downed a fist-full of sleeping tablets, a bottle of cough syrup and then polished it all off with a bottle of schnapps. The two then made an agreement to eat a section of Brandes’s body before he was slaughtered.

They chose the penis – at first Meiwes attempted to bite it off…but this did not work. He then opted to cut it off.

Bernd Jurgen Brandes
Bernd Jurgen Brandes

Unfortunately the member was too chewy to eat – even after it was fried, so the pair then fed it to the dog.

Brandes was then placed in the bath tub so that he could bleed out…but that didn’t go according to plan either!

Armin Meiwes ended up having to stab Brandes to death in the tub, three hours after he was left there to bleed out.

Meiwes had specifically prepared a ‘slaughter room’ where he hung up Brandes’s body with a butcher’s hook attached to the ceiling. He then cut him up, and stored his various body parts in his freezer.

He lived off these organs for the next ten months of his life.

I Want More…

Soon Meiwes was after another applicant – he’d had a taste and he wanted more…A LOT more!

He posted on the same (twisted) forums again, but this time he detailed the acts he had got up to with Brandes. A concerned student read his post and decided to contact the police straight away.

In December 2002, Meiwes was arrested and charged with murder after the police searched his home and found various body parts.


The court case gained worldwide media attention, especially after lawyers discovered that it was not illegal to consume another person’s flesh in Germany.

Had Meiwes really committed a crime?

Brandes was a willing participant…

The pair had even managed to record video footage of the grizzly incident (which I will NOT be showing here!).

Meiwes was eventually found guilty of manslaughter and was sentenced to eight years in prison. However, in 2005 he had to sit through a retrial…and was eventually sentenced to life in prison for murder.

The jury agreed that Brandes was probably ‘completely out of it’ when he was being slaughtered – through pills and alcohol. He wouldn’t have been able to resist…even if he had changed his mind.

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