The Australian Min Min Lights

The Australian Min Min Lights

The mysterious Australian Min Min lights have been documented in various areas since the 1830’s with the majority of sightings originating from the outback areas of Queensland.

Research now shows us that these strange paranormal lights even show up in sections of ancient Aboriginal folklore.

The lights are often described as floating footballs (or ‘soccer’ balls for all you Americans out there!) that disperse a intense glow and can grow in size, get brighter or dimmer, take on various colors, and move position…

The Stockman

On January 25, 1947, the Sydney Morning Herald published the ‘Stockman’s Account’ of the Min Min Lights. The article started off explaining the history behind the seedy Min Min Hotel before it was burned to the ground.

During it’s time the hotel housed some rather undesirable characters and many men lost their lives within it’s grounds.

After it had burned down a stockman on horseback was passing through and he encountered the bizarre light.

He later claimed that he spotted a strange glow over the cemetery that once stood behind the hotel. This light was sort of expanding until it reached the size of a water melon.

Without warning the strange floating light headed straight for the petrified stockman so he rode off as fast as he could – the light gave chase.

The light finally stopped it’s pursuit when the rider eventually reached the outskirts of the town.

Professor Jack Pettigrew

Professor Jack Pettigrew, a neuroscientist from the University of Queensland, has had many encounters with these strange floating objects.

He decided ‘way back when’ to start up a sort of research file on the Min Min to try and figure out what they were all about.

the Min Min

His first encounter took place when he was stargazing – he believed he was staring at the planet Venus but over time he realized that the light approached the horizon but never went below it (it never set).

The most famous of his encounters took place when he was joined by fellow scientists in his car. They spotted the reflection of cat’s eyes in their headlights but then suddenly realized that these eyes were keeping up with the car.

They attempted to use the car computer to track the lights to their source but the computer kept on insisting that the lights were more than 300 km away!

The Min Min Lights

These strange types of lights are not just a unique occurrence to Australia, they are found all over the world.

Mexico has lights that the elders believe are the souls of lost witches. In may part of the world (Wales) we have the will-o’-the-wisp.

These Celtic lights are thought to be rather dangerous as their main aim is to lure the viewer into a dangerous area of forest.

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13 comments on “The Australian Min Min Lights

  1. I would like to see real photos of these lights before I can form an opinion on them. I love the story, it has me interested. I have a friend that lives in Australia, I will ask him about these lights!

    Much peace, love & light 🙂

  2. Spooky! They’re kind of like orbs, but orbs often only show up on camera, so this must be something different. I wonder why they’re only seen in certain areas in Australia. That really does seem odd. Although it sounds eerily similar to an experience my Grandma had once, but that was in the UK. She saw two ball of light dancing around each other in the sky once, red and green in colour.

  3. I always find these kinds of stories so fascinating. I come from South Africa and I’ve never heard of The Min Min Lights. When I visit Australia next I’d like to visit the area where these lights occur. Where would be the best place to encounter these lights?
    If these lights occur in folk stories then they must be true. Interesting site !

    1. You need to check out a few of the outback areas of Queensland Celeste – it’s where a large majority of the sightings have occurred! 🙂

      1. I’m in Northern NSW in Australia, not too far south of the Queensland border. I’ve heard of Min Min lights but I’ve never seen any personally. Maybe I should take a trip up north and have a look for them. 🙂

        By the way, photography is my hobby. “Orbs” which appear in photos are usually caused by dust specks floating in the air very close to the lens (so out of focus) and being illuminated by the camera’s flash.

  4. these lights are seen due to formation of gases in marshy areas or where there is high dampness due to rotting of any vegetation ,these are little fires which are present throughout the day but seen more clearly at night
    the lights due to refraction take on a hue of their own and seem to be changing ,red and orange seem to be close and most prominent
    stories of fairies ghosts lost souls devil evil grow around it to discourage people frequenting these areas as methane the gas responsible can kill
    the fun part is to feel creepy and speculate

  5. I’m from Mexico and I can tell you that those kind of lights are a current event, I didn’t know that it had happened all around the world for so long ago, it’s amazing and beautiful

  6. I’m from oz and in my 30’s my family have always told me a story of a strange bright light coming in my brothers bedroom window. the light was chased up our street
    It was put down as will o the wisp

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