The Bathsheba Sherman Story

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the Bathsheba Sherman story, which is linked to a previous article we published, located here – Old Arnold Estate – The Conjuring.

Accused of being a witch, even after she had proven her innocence – why were locals so convinced that she was in league with the devil?

Bathsheba Sherman History

Born in Rhode Island in 1812, Bathsheba Thayer married her sweetheart, Judson Sherman, on March the 10th, 1844. They were both is their thirties at the time (records do not show the exact ages).

Five years after they tied the knot, Bathsheba Sherman gave birth to their son, Herbert.

The Sherman family owned a farm which Judson ran alone, leaving Bathsheba to look after and raise their young son.

NOTE: Certain reports claim that the Sherman’s had three other children who all died at a young age. There is NO evidence to back this up! 

Life couldn’t be better really – the farm was doing exceptionally well and Bathsheba was doing a great job at raising young Herbert…

But all that changed in an instant, when a neighbor’s infant died whilst in her care.

Bathsheba Sherman the Witch

The infant died, or was murdered, in a rather gruesome fashion – the cause of death was found to be an impalement at the base of the youngster’s skull.

Bathsheba went to trial and was cleared of any wrongdoing…but the locals did not buy this – they believed that she sacrificed the child as an offering to the devil.

Unfortunately for Bathsheba – she was not the most popular character with local women before this incident. She was extremely good looking and most women who knew her resented this.

She could not escape the opinions of everyone she knew, and she eventually led the sheltered life of a recluse.

This only added fuel to the fire, and the locals made up fresh rumors of what she did when she was locked away in the farm.

Reports suggest that this sheltered lifestyle eventually changed her personality, and she became incredibly nasty to the hired help that worked the farm.


Bathsheba is thought to have lived to the age of 72, but then died suddenly from a strange kind of paralysis. Reportedly the medical report on her death states that her body had turned as if to stone.

This strange death only ended up convincing the locals further that she was some kind of twisted and powerful witch.

Herbert went on to live a peaceful enough life and ended up having his own family.

Bathsheba is buried in the Harrisville Cemetery next to her husband, Judson Sherman.

The Bathsheba Sherman Story

Was Bathsheba Sherman a witch?

Well, there are no real facts to back this claim up anywhere. The death of the infant is extremely strange and horrific…but she was somehow cleared of any wrongdoing.

We suggest that you read our previous article on this subject, Old Arnold Estate – The Conjuring, before leaving your opinion in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.

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