The Beaumont Children Case

The Beaumont Children Case

This article will be covering the Beaumont children case from Glenelg Beach, South Australia, in 1966. What really happened to these three happy kids and why was it so difficult to locate any sort of solid evidence linked to their disappearance?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Beaumont Children Disappearance

The Beaumont children, 9 year old Jane, 7 year old Arnna and 4 year old Grant, disappeared on Australia Day, January the 26th, 1966, from Glenelg Beach, South Australia. The tragic incident has created numerous conspiracy theories in Australian society for over half a century.

The three kids resided in the Adelaide suburb of Somerton Park, but would frequently visit and play at the nearby suburb Glenelg.

Glenelg had a nice beach that was a big favorite with the children, and the eldest, Jane, was often left in charge of the young party so that they could visit the area alone.

The Beaumont Children Disappearance

On the 26th of January, they left their home at about 10 am and were told they were only allowed a couple of hours on the beach – they were due home at noon.

By 3 pm, the police were contacted and started their search.

Several witnesses came forward and claimed that they had spotted the children with a man in his thirties. He was described as having blond hair and of a tall slim build.

The last sighting of the children came from a postman who knew the Beaumont family well. He claimed that he had a chat with them at around 3 pm and they were on their way home.

The Missing Beaumont Children

The most popular, initial conspiracy theory, suggested that the children were probably kidnapped by some traveling cult, and then taken interstate or even overseas.

It wasn’t long before the Beaumont children case hit the worldwide news, and renowned psychic from the Netherlands, Gerard Croiset, offered his services.

As soon as his name was linked to the case, things got out of hand in the media. He ended up coming forward with several ‘over-the-top’ theories which were no use to police whatsoever.

The Missing Beaumont Children

Numerous sightings of the children were reported over the following twelve months, and the police started receiving letters that claimed to be from Jane and her abductor. Unfortunately, these letters were eventually traced back to a young lad who was playing a cruel joke on the Australian public.

Beaumont Children Mystery – Suspects

Several possible suspects have been pinpointed over the years – the main one being the rather twisted Bevan Spencer Von Einem. Von Einem was an accountant that was eventually found guilty of kidnapping, torturing and then murdering 15-year-old Richard Kelvin in 1984.

Over the years he has also been linked to numerous other disappearances.

Von Einem matches the police description and is thought to have popped up in archive footage taken from Channel 7, helping searchers look for the children…but the footage is not quite clear enough.

Beaumont Children Mystery - Suspects
Enhanced Image of the Suspect

Jim and Nancy Beaumont spent many years searching for their missing three kids, but have now downed tools and accepted that their children are probably dead.

What are your views on the Beaumont children case?

Do you think there is a possibility that they could still be alive?

Do you think that Von Einem was behind their abduction?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

10 comments on “The Beaumont Children Case

  1. Somerton Park? Any relation to that other great Australian mystery, the Somerton Man? Quite a place for strange happenings if it is!

    1. No idea on that one Martin, but thanks for bringing that mystery subject to our attention (there’s a new article in that!) 🙂

  2. This is really touching. 

    Seriously speaking I haven’t heard of the Beaumont children case before maybe because of where I live . Reading this has made me know the history of what happened to them. A lot of searches has been made towards their disappearance but no fruitful result. You asked a question whether there is probability of seeing them. That will be very difficult to answer but let’s be hopeful.

  3. I did not know about the Beaumont Children case until I read this article. Anything like this is always painful and heartbreaking to hear. All I can do is wish that they survived. Cases like this are very disturbing and makes you think twice about the safety of your own children or all children. Children are helpless and vulnerable. Its our job as a society to help and protect them.  

    1. Yeah these cases certainly are disturbing and heartbreaking Pardeap – but that’s why we publish them, so people will never forget what happened. 

  4. Hi, Chris. What a sad story. It is incredible that after all this time very little is known about these kids disappearance. Do you think this mystery will ever be solved, after all, 50 years is a long time? I remember in the 60s when I was a lad, being carefree and going on adventures. Fortunately, I survived. Looking back, it was a risk, but parents always assumed I’d be home for tea. Now I’m a parent; I want my boys to have the adventures I had, but I hate them being out of my sight.

    1. Hi Paul, 

      No, sadly I don’t think this will ever be solved, which is why it’s important to have it published online for everyone to see. 

  5. This is a a very interesting story. I found initial conspiracy theory to be somewhat unsettling. The possibility of the children being kidnapped by a traveling cult is something else. That is real sneaky of the young lad to play a cruel joke on the public like that. Maybe he was trying to confuse and throw everybody off. Von Einem seems like a very likely suspect.

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