The Berkeley Square Horror

The Berkeley Square Horror

In this article we will be covering what is referred to as ‘The Most Haunted House in London’ – Number 50 Berkeley Square…

The Early Years

In it’s early years, No. 50 was owned by the former Prime Minister – George Canning. He actually lived in the property up until his death in 1827.

The house was then leased out to a lady named Miss Curzon, who lived at the address without incident until her death, at the age of 90.

The house was then moved on to a man named Mr. Myers, and it was during his tenancy that the Berkeley Square horror began…

Mr Myers

Myers was overjoyed to win the hand of the love of his life, and began preparing the home with their wedding looming.

He wanted to make sure the house was fitted with all the correct furnishings for his new wife.

Unfortunately, she had a change of heart…and jilted him just days before their arranged wedding.

Mr. Myers did not take the news well.

He was left a heartbroken recluse who only occupied a tiny room at the very top of the house.

The neighbors never saw him take a step outside the building – he would only leave the room at night, to walk through the long corridors of the house by candlelight.

The council finally caught up with Mr. Myers in 1873 and began proceedings to sue him for unpaid rates.

He failed to turn up for his day at court but the judge took pity on him – he had heard the rumors spreading around the area relating to Myers’s house being a sad and ‘haunted house’.

Surely this man had been through enough?

He escaped the charges.


The London-based magazine, Mayfair, published an eye-opening article about Number 50 Berkeley Square in 1879. It started off covering the obvious damage and neglect to the building, but then went on to cover a number of ghost reports.

The House

The most famous of these reports centered around a man and his two daughters who moved into the house…

Within days of being in the property, one of the daughters began complaining about a strange smell following her around the house.

She claimed that the strange smell was similar to the smell at the London Zoo – a dark and dingy animal smell.

Years later, the eldest daughter’s fiancé, a Captain Kentfield, was due to visit the family. A chambermaid was ordered to prepare his room.

Within minutes of her entering the bedroom – the family heard terrified screams and pleading.

They all ran upstairs to find the chambermaid lying on the floor muttering “don’t let it touch me.”

She was immediately taken to the nearby hospital, but she died mysteriously the next day.

Captain Kentfield

When Captain Kentfield arrived he scoffed at the reports of paranormal activity in his prepared room – the fate of the chambermaid did not bother him!

After dinner, on his first night of his visit, he headed up to bed without a care in the world.

Less than an hour after the household had drifted off to sleep – terrified screams could be heard coming from the Captain’s room.

As the family ran to his aid they heard a single gunshot go off.

When they entered the room, the Captain was found lying dead on the floor…with his face twisted into a unnatural scream pose.

The Room At 50 Berkeley Square

Over the years, numerous publications have pointed to this room being behind the paranormal activity at 50 Berkeley Square.

One even went as far as describing the demonic entity as a ‘unnamed Raw Head and Bloody Bones’.

What are your thoughts on this sinister location?

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