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The Bermuda Triangle Mystery SolvedProduct: The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved

Subject: Inside The Bermuda Triangle

Author: Larry Kusche

Publisher: Prometheus Books

Language: English

Length: 302 Pages

Price:  $19.99 ( Retail )

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Our Rating: 9 out of 10

Most books have titles that tend to be a little bit hyperbole. However, The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved does what it promises on the back of its cover. The book simply explains the phenomena inside the Bermuda Triangle. Furthermore, the book goes ahead to teach critical thinking lessons that will impress even a 10 year old boy.

Book Overview

The Bermuda Triangle is huge and busy with both sea and air traffic. The book doesn’t make statistical mention of all disappearances in more than one would expect. Furthermore, the book doesn’t mention the occurrence of ships or planes being stolen for drug money or other purposes.

Kusche, the author of the book rejects all Bermuda Triangle theories since he doesn’t think they are credible whatsoever. So from the beginning of his book, he has rejected all theoretical top-down approaches in favor of doing his own research to establish what the truth could be.

He treats every occurrence as a separate incident. Rather than ”lifting” stories previously published about the Bermuda Triangle, he looks up for references from documents, always writing to Coast Guards as well as other parties in order to find answers.

He even sought to find contemporary newspapers with stories published concerning the same. Finally, Kusche seems to be pretty well-conversant with navigation matters, compasses, ocean currents, and other matters related to the sea. He gained all this through writing to the relevant people to seek answers.

The Good & The Bad

The Pros

If stories about the Bermuda Triangle has always fascinated you, then this is the only book you should read. The following are the strongest points of the book:

(a) You Will Know The Truth

Upon reading a few chapters of this book, you will realize that most authors are either lazy or dishonest. In fact, out of all the Bermuda Triangle incidences recorded, some are not factual. They are made-up stories whose purpose is to obviously make things more interestingly mysterious.

Kusche says a few vessels that were reported missing forever were actually found, and were safe and sound with their crews intact. These vessels were just delayed or prematurely reported as missing by some curious human beings. These are truths that can only be discovered when you gain knowledge about the stories that happened inside the Bermuda Triangle.

(b) Credible Findings

The book ends with credible findings that also mark the conclusion. With every occurrence examined on a case-by-case basis, the book warns that people shouldn’t postulate a Bermuda Triangle Effect. Although there are a few reported mysteries such as the loss of Star Ariel, Caroll A. Deering, there shouldn’t be a need to attribute the losses to a common cause as hinted in many books.

(c) In-Depth Answers That Even Documentaries Don’t Provide

Even if you’ve watched dozens of documentaries or read books talking about the infamous Bermuda Triangle, chances are that you’ve been left with questions you will never find answers to.

But just like we said, readers of Kusche’s book will, within a few chapters, start to recon the fact that most authors are just too lazy or dishonest when revealing information on the subject matter. So as a result, what they do is to paraphrase information from other sources, adding their own twist so their stories can keep rolling.

But the problem with this approach is that the reader will be entertained yet left with many questions in their minds. For instance, if you’ve heard or watched documentaries on Flight 19, you probably wonder why Taylor never switched communication to the clear emergency frequencies as was requested. All the answers are contained in Kusche’s well-researched work.

(d) He Uses Simple Language to Explain Complex Phenomena

In this piece of a book, Kusche explains why compasses change directions and such like principles. The language used in this book is simple and easy to understand as it can be grasped even by a 10 year old.

The Cons

– Much of his work has probably been edited on Wikipedia several times, seeing that the book was first published in 1975. Beware since messages carried in books are sometimes distorted as years pass by.

Who is The Book For?

The book is for all those who want to satisfy their curiosity concerning the stories and myths they’ve heard about the Bermuda Triangle.

Final Opinion

Just take away ‘‘paranormal mystery”, and what will be left behind is ”genuine mystery”. The book comes with a lot of snippets to offer useful insights into what Bermuda Triangle is and why exactly it is said that vessels disappear without trace in those waters.

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68 comments on “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved

  1. Very interesting! I have always been half interested in the Bermuda Triangle and other mysteries. I will be taking the time to read more of your posts. Have you heard of a Bermuda Triangle like area that someone is promoting that is in (I believe) the Middle East somewhere? This book sounds very interesting and I may want to look at it for my son who if very interested in this phenomena.


    1. Hi Maura,
      No I haven’t heard of this area in the Middle East you mentioned – I’ll certainly be looking into it though!
      Sounds like there’s an article in there somewhere 🙂

  2. Hello there , this one sounds very interesting.I have always been curious of what the Triangle really is.Most of the documentaries I watched on TV as a teenager and later left me with a lot of questions unanswered.

    But as you say Kusche did his homework and presents his own perspective.

    I can’t remember much of what I saw on TV so I think this book is what I need right now.

    The reviews on Amazon are very positive.Thank you for pointing out this book.On Amazon UK it costs from 0.01 to 3.99…They might be used.Also on USA there are used options.I have some research to do.

    1. Hi Tasos,
      Yeah there are usually used ( or cheaper ) versions of the books on Amazon – it’s luck of the draw to what condition they’re in though 🙂

  3. The Bermuda Triangle has always fascinated me. If I see a movie or a show about it, I am sure to watch it. I don’t go as far as contacting anybody, like the author though, lol. I saw a movie that satisfied my curiosity. I won’t spoil the book for anybody though, if it has some of the same information. 😉 Now, I just like watching for fun.
    ~ Melinda

  4. I used to love to read anything on the unknown when I was young.One of the subjects I did gravitate toward was Bermuda Triangle.
    But you are right the facts always seemed A little vague and thin on any proof.So you have my curiosity raised to reconsider and pick up Larry Kusche book and read for myself.
    By the way I have shared your site on several of my media sites and put you in my fav’s.I will be coming back and checking in to see what’s new
    Have A Nice Day,
    Isaac J.

    1. Well cheers for the share Isaac – thanks for spreading the word 🙂
      Hope you enjoy the book as much as we did!

  5. I to have always been interested in “unsolved mysteries”. I’ve found that everything that I have watched or read about the Bermuda Triangle has taken a paranormal shape.

    It would be interesting to hear a more logical and researched angle on it. Based on your review, I think I’ll give this a shot. I do understand it could have been distorted in the past 40 years, so I will keep an open mind.


    1. Great stuff Dan – I hope you enjoy the content as much as I did!
      Come back here once you’ve finished and give us your opinion on it yeah?

  6. I love reading your posts. You stick to facts and don’t go in for high drama or over-sensationalising anything so the reader has to make their own mind up at the end. I presume Larry Kusche is of the same ilk. He obviously acknowledges that there ARE some mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle, but dismisses anything supernatural. And he goes to great lengths to get as many facts as he possibly can. Since this book was written in 1975 and it’s still being sold and talked about then he must have gotten something right.
    I’ve looked on your site for something on The Marie Celeste but couldn’t find anything….. any plans for a future post…?

    1. Hello again Jyl, nice to see you back here!!!!
      I haven’t got around to The Marie Celeste yet but it’s definitely on the ‘hit list’ for a future post 🙂

  7. Thanks so much for your review of “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved” Chris. I have been a life long skeptic of paranormal activity in the Bermuda Triangle and it appears this book takes a logical approach to solving perceived mysteries. Considering the amount of traffic within the triangle, do you think there is an unusual number of unanswered disappearances?

    1. Hi Mark,
      The book goes to great efforts to put all those ‘mysteries’ to bed but I still don’t believe it clears it up totally – yes, I do believe that some of these disappearances are unusual 🙂

  8. Heard lots of stories about the burmuda triangle. They sounded superstitious. So it will be interesting to know the findings the author of this book made.
    I guess I can only find out buy purchasing
    So I will do so.
    But what I will like to know is,is the book an electronic one or a hard copy?

    1. Hi Fidel,
      The book comes in three different formats – electronic, hardback and softback ( they sometimes have cheap used versions up for sale as well! )

  9. Hello Chris, you have a very interesting site, It has info on many mysterious topics.really till now was taking the Bermuda triangle as a mystery. I’m very curious about this book, my husband is also very excited. You said that it has been published first in 1975 but didn’t heard about it before. I think I’m gonna recommend it to some of my friends.

  10. I have always thought that the stories of the Bermuda triangle were so interesting! I would like to read this book as it sounds like it’s the real story instead of some sci fi stories. I am glad that the author as done his own research instead of depending on other stories. I will have to check this out!

  11. Nice! I wasn’t even thinking of what products you could promote on your site the last time I visited. You hit the nail on the head with books! This book in particular looks very interesting… I loved your review on it. I am actually quite interested to see your future reviews. I know you won’t disappoint!

  12. I am absolutely thrilled by things like this. It’s so scary yet so enticing and I find myself looking into it for hours. The bermuda triangle mystery in particular had me awake for hours each night when I was a teenager! I know that there are trillions of books out there about mysteries and many of them are cheap, poorly written and just a waste of time. However your review of this book has truly convinced me that it is worth investing in, and I know I’ll receive something worthwhile – a testament to the power of the affiliate blogger.

    1. Yeah I used to love the subject myself when I was younger Aisha – had loads of books on it! This was a very different angle than I am used to though – interesting read 🙂

  13. awesome post! Yeah it’s true we all love a good mystery and I guess that’s why this legend has been maintained for so long, even though there are sometimes no mysteries. I really enjoyed the honest review about the book and what to expect. It’s true that whatever media wants us to know, only shares info that support their agenda, so they keep control. So it’s great when books like these are released and just explain what really is.

  14. Hello! This is my first time to your website. Your review was very well written. I have been interested in mysteries such as the Bermuda Triangle and find this review a little disappointing as it sounds like the Bermuda Triangle isn’t a mystery after all. It sounds like in the book he finds a logical explanation for all of it. Are there any real supernatural mysteries out there? I would like to think so.

    1. Hi there Melanie,
      Well if you’re looking for real supernatural mysteries you’ve come to the right site 🙂
      Check out our categories and archives to the right of the page – there’s plenty there!

  15. Hello, you review is written in this way, that I would like to check this book out. I wonder, do they have it in library? Today I will stop and ask. I like adventures and things which go beyond our understanding. I think that we can let to some events to be as they are, as long they do no harm us. I did not know that Christopher Columbus had problems with this triangle. Overall, our Earth has so many fascinating places, at the same time mysterious too. Maybe she gives us message, what we need to behave?
    Happy writing, all the best, Nemira

    1. Hi Nemira,
      The book is fairly famous now so I would of thought a few libraries would have it on display somewhere – I suppose it depends on where you live?

  16. Hello there!
    Wow this was an excellent post! I love your website and I love these kind of mysteries that are unexplainable. The Bermuda triangle mystery is certainly one of those! I have watched a number of documentaries but none really gave a certain answer as to what caused so many plane of ships disappearances in the past. It was all about assumptions.
    This book looks great and I really want to get it and learn more. Thank you for the recommendation and the thorough review!
    Great job!

  17. Great review! I love uncovering the truth, and going about studying paranormal incidents with scientific calculation. The Bermuda Triangle is a major paranormal myth to be sure. And I will read this book! On the other hand, don’t you think people love such kinds of mysteries, because they find some kind of hope in them; believing in something supernatural and godlike, which gives them some meaning to life?

  18. I remember growing up, I used to read books about mysteries but not any more. You certainly have books that can get me started again. I like the Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved. Although I watched something on TV sometime back. I would like to get my hands on this book.

  19. Nooooooooo! Don’t tell me that the Bermuda Triangle is fake! lol. I don’t want it debunked at all. I want to hear that it harbours mysterious powers and copious alien activity. Can you show me a book that exaggerates everything and makes it out to be a crazy place? I want to still believe!

  20. Chris,

    Really cool review! I grew up in the 70s, and I remember watching television programs about the Bermuda Triangle (along with Bigfoot, UFOs, etc.) and was always kind of frightened about it. I remembered thinking it was probably like this vortex that planes and boats got sucked into, never to emerge. Of course, since then, I’ve learned that air and sea travel occurs in that area on a daily basis, with almost no paranormal occurrences. Still, I have yet to take that Bermuda cruise…hmm…. 🙂 Maybe I will after reading this book. Thanks!


  21. Book sounds pretty neat! Normally I wouldn’t be interested in these kinds of books however a couple years ago I was on a curse going to Bermuda and I will be going on another cruise in the near future and I feel like this would make for an awesome read right before the trip (haha!). Thanks for this review, I will be looking into it soon!

  22. Nice book, I remember reading about the Bermuda mystery a long time ago when I was a kid… It was definitely interesting with the mysterious events reported happening there.

    From your review, I am more interested in this book with the idea that the author is gonna go through the cases happened in the area. Hopefully I can give it a read when I have more time.

    Thank you!

  23. Hello, I heard about Bermuda Triangle a lot years ago, when I was a child. It seemed as a scary story, without real explanation, what is going here. Especially, when information is distorted and everybody tells their opinions as real, ridiculous stories can happen.
    It is great when somebody takes wheel to their hands and brings clarity to jungles of misconception.
    Reading this type of books, our mind expands, because we can use our imagination and visualize how it everything happened.
    Thanks for introducing this book, which describes popular topic: Bermuda Triangle mystery.
    All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

  24. I don’t know what exactly to make of the Bermuda Triangle. Some says it’s some kind of vortex. It’s sure a mystery. I recently became aware of the “Michigan Triangle” which is in the western center part of the state on/near Lake Michigan.

    Have you heard of the Missing 411 book series by David Paulides? In the books, he uncovers cases of people that disappeared out of unusual circumstances in National Parks, the keyword being Really Unusual, without any form of logical explanation.

    1. Hi Mike,
      I have heard of the Missing 411 books but I’ve not read into them much so far. Thanks for the heads up – I’ll have to check them out further 🙂

  25. hey chris

    great post thanks for sharing, I have always been very curious as to the goings on in the Bermuda triangle its all a bit scary there has been so may lives lost in this tiny triangle.

    is it not part of the mystery to not know what happens in this area of the world if e all knew then there would be no more mystery.

    thanks for this


  26. I have always had an interest in the Bermuda Triangle. I know that the stories are most likely not true but it still stimulates the brain. It would be very interesting to see what the guy says is the way things really happened. Thanks for the review. Now I have something to look into.

  27. Hi Chris,

    It sounds like the book Bermuda triangle mystery solved is a must have if you really want to know the truth about the Bermuda triangle! The book was first published in 1975, yet I never heard of it before today and I’m not that young!

    I will definitely get a copy of the book since I have always been curious and fascinated by the Bermuda triangle!

    I am sure that some folks will be disappointed to find out that the disappearance of ships or planes in the Bermuda triangle isn’t the handy work of aliens ;)!



    1. Hi there Sonia!

      It’s important to remember that the book is just a professional opinion by the writer – many people still believe that there is more to this area than meets the eye! 🙂

  28. I’ve always been interested in the paranormal since young. I was a huge fan of The X-Files; read up a lot on various unexplained phenomena (Bermuda Triangle, crop circles, Bigfoot etc) etc. That’s how your post caught my eye! Anyway, great book review – it’s really in-depth and I appreciate how you consider not just the book’s plus points but also its room for improvement. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Hi Chris, this review was very easy to understand and I feel like I know what to expect from this book now. I myself have always been interested in the mysterious bermuda triangle! I can’t believe the book doesn’t get into the missing ships and planes! Thats weird. Do you know a bermuda triangle books that do mention such instances?

    1. Well there are 1000’s and 1000’s of books out there that cover this subject from different standpoints Billy…we would always recommend this one however!

  30. I’ve seen a few documentaries about the Bermuda triangle where people flying planes say they went into a time warp and completed a flight that should have taken an hour in like 15 minutes.

    Seems like a pretty crazy area and I know a ton of planes and ships have went missing in the area.

    I’ll check this book out, would like to learn more about the area and see if all those documentaries are actually true!

  31. I thought disappearance of these ships may be related to travelling through another dimensional portal. Whether they are true or not, I’ve heard several stories of people walking or driving in a car and out of nowhere they end up somewhere very distance or even on a different continent. This is pretty interesting subject.

    1. I also used to lean towards the idea of travelling through another dimensional portal ( I still do on some level ). Don’t let this book change your mind – just give it a go and see what you think! 🙂

  32. This book sounds pretty interesting. And at 19.00 for a book over 300 pages is reasonably priced. I’ve been through the Bermuda Triangle. If you ask the Coast Guard what the most important item you should bring with you across the sea from Fla to the Bahamas, their answer would be a firearm.
    Piracy is an ever growing problem through the triangle, and I would attribute much of what disappears through there on piracy (at least within the past 20 or 30 years).

    But there are so many things that have happened that piracy couldn’t have had any part in, that this book does seem intriguing. I’d be interested in his findings despite the year it was written.
    Great review!

  33. Thanks doing all these reviews.. I really dunno how to begin otherwise…it is not an easy subject and these let me get into the juice of things. Thanks again. So what is your take on this? How you get started with all these research? Love to learn more the journey in discovery all these strange things…

  34. This book sounds fascinating. I have been wondering what the truth behind the Bermuda Triangle is for years now. My Dad is a bit of a conspiracy theorist so I will show him your site next time I see him.

    Great job on this book review by the way. You’ve really got me curious!


  35. I’ve always enjoyed paranormal topics, and this book looks interesting. There is so much anecdotal chatter about the Bermuda Triangle, it’s good to see an author take a thorough, scientific approach to solving the mystery. I appreciate that the author uses simple language and credible findings to provide in depth answers to the mystery. Thanks to your review, I’ll be looking into this book.

  36. I have always found the stories of the Bermuda Triangle absolutely fascinating and to be straight with you I would not hesitate to read this book.

    The Bermuda Triangle and The Titanic have always been the fascination of my reading.

    Will more books be made available through your site covering this subject?

    Thanks and really enjoyed your website!


    1. There is a dedicated book section in the top navbar of the site ( Books on The Unexplained ). There are also some more publications under the product review tab! 🙂

  37. Very interesting. The Bermuda Triangle has always fascinated me, I love stuff like that! Not sure whether a book like this would ruin the mystery for me or if I would enjoy knowing the truth.

    Either way, this is a good, thorough review. I’ll be keeping this book in the back of my mind for later.

    Thanks for sharing!

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