The Betty And Barney Hill UFO Experience – Book Review


True Alien AbductionsProduct: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience

Subject: True Alien Abductions

Author: Stanton T. Friedman & Kathleen Marden

Publisher: New Page Books

Language: English

Length: 320 Pages

Price: $10.55

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Our Rating: 9 out of 10


The Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction was the first to be brought to the public’s attention back in 1961. Both Betty and Barney claimed to have encountered a UFO and then experienced a period of missing time whilst on a car journey.

The report resulted in a typical media frenzy which led to the couple being hypnotized in an attempt to get truth of the matter. During these separate hypnosis sessions both Betty and Barney revealed how they remembered being taken by aliens and subjected to strange medical tests.

Under hypnosis Betty also revealed that the aliens had talked about their home world. She revealed that their origins were of the Zeta Reticuli system – a system we were not aware of here on Earth until 1969

The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience is one of the most popular books on alien abduction available so naturally we thought we’d give it a go!

In this review I will discuss the subject, the good points, some minor drawbacks with it, and where to get the best deal when you buy it online.

By the end of this review, you should have a good idea as to whether the Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction is of interest to you.

Product Overview

The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience gives an insider’s look at the alien abduction but also goes a step further.

Most books on alien abduction cover the facts up until a point in time then seem to peter out – where are these victims now?

That is where this particular UFO publication differs – it goes on to cover the lives of the Hills before and after Barney’s death in 1969. It looks in depth at the celebrity status they achieved through the media and it covers Betty’s later attempts at being a UFO investigator.

One of the authors of the book, Kathleen Marden, is actually Betty’s niece and she has included many of the conversations she had with her auntie on the subject.

The other author is ufologist Stanton T. Friedman – the original civilian investigator of the Roswell Incident. He looks in detail at the skeptics that have attempted to attack the Hill’s claims and refutes their arguments.

The Good & The Bad

The Pros:

  • ​An in-depth analysis of a famous case
  • The book has a very current flavor making it appealing to both young and older generations
  • Very well illustrated
  • Contains carefully researched information
  • The authors carefully consider ALL angles
  • Well written and easy to understand

​​The Cons:

  • ​The book tends to spend a lot of time battling the debunkers
  • Some readers feel that there are still big holes left in the argument after finishing the book

Who is This Book For?

This book is for anyone who is interested in the Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction – this case is huge in ufology circles!

If you have an interest in ‘true alien abductions’ you do not want to miss this!

I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Fortean topics, UFOs, aliens or government cover-ups.

My Final Take on The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience

Although I included it as one of the ‘cons’ above – I quite liked the way Stan Friedman cut into the skeptics that have hounded Betty throughout her life.

Most of his attacks are covered in the later chapters of the book but I found them incredibly interesting and refreshing at the same time.

I have read many other books on alien abduction but this one seems to stand out due to Kathleen Marden being directly related to Betty and Barney Hill. The whole thing seems to be delivered with more credibility due to this fact.

A thoroughly enjoyable ride from cover to cover – well worth picking up!

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I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the book or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment in the section below.

55 comments on “The Betty And Barney Hill UFO Experience – Book Review

  1. The Men In Black, Benjamin Bathurst, Ghosts of Tower London, it all seems like stuff I’d see on television or from the actual blockbusters, themselves! I assume you’ve been studying all of this for a while now? Seems like it. I just may have to look deeper into the topic of Psychic Medium Powers just to see what it’s about. I’ll be looking forward to more stuff from your site!

    1. Hello DroGodina!
      Looks like you’ve been following our articles closely – nice one 🙂
      Great to have you here and great to have you following!

  2. Hey Chris

    Glad that I stumbled across your website. It’s been years since I last picked up a UFO book. Was extremely into it as a kid.

    Your review has just sparked that interest again!

    I’m off to have a closer look at The Betty And Barney Hill UFO Experience.

    Will more than likely find my way back here to see what other interesting reviews you have. Any more must read recommendations?


    1. Hi Marc, it depends what you’re into really – we have reviewed a really interesting book on Bigfoot experiences that can be found here. You may also be interested in a Michael Crichton book on the unexplained located here.
      Both are excellent 🙂

  3. Very intriguing, Chris. Ever since the first episode of “X-Files”, things like this have totally taken me in and I get so absorbed. I truly believe there is life out among the stars and it would be terribly narcissistic of us to think we are the most intelligent race that exists. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your site and look forward to your new pages and posts!!

    1. Hi Germain!
      Another X-Files fan on my hands is it? Awesome stuff – I adored the show myself! Glad you enjoyed your visit here so much – keep your eyes on the skies…

  4. I’d never heard of the Betty and Barney Hill Experience before, neither the book nor the actually event itself. I have to admit, I am somewhat skeptical. Even just from a statistical standpoint, the chances of this being humans is overwhelmingly more likely than extraterrestrials. It’s best to look at the most likely cause first, rather than jump to the least likely, no matter how exciting. The mention of people speaking in bad English makes me wonder whether it was Russian government agents.

    1. That’s OK Marcus – opinions are opinions and we get A LOT of them here 🙂
      I quite like your theory of foreign government agents though – worth thinking about…

  5. Chris, I am glad I found your site today. I have always been a fan of unexplained mystery, and I remember reading stories about the UFO phenomena when I was young. This book definitely takes me back to my youth, and I will be adding this to my “must read” list. Thank you for jogging the memory of my younger years!

    1. Nice one Allan – I’m glad you enjoyed the site’s topics so much 🙂
      Hope you enjoy the book ( I certainly did! )

  6. Awesome and creepy website you’ve got there. I’m actually reading a conspiracy theories book by Brad Steiger and Sherry Steiger. Worth checking out if you’re into that stuff. Betty And Barney are briefly mentioned as well. Do you have more reading recommendations? I hope to see more reviews in the future.

    1. Hi Genevieve,
      There are a few recommendations here – you’ll find a selection of books under the ‘books on the unexplained’ tab at the top of our site. You’ll also see a tab on ‘product reviews’. Both house books that we like 🙂

  7. Alien abductions are not my usual choice of reading material and I’m not familiar with the story. However, after reading your review I am tempted to get the book and give it a try. Do you think it would be a good book for somebody new to the genre or would you suggest a different one?


    1. Oh this is definitely a good choice for newcomers to the whole UFO scene – it’s one of the most famous encounters on record 🙂

  8. Wow! Yet another great book review from you. I’ve never actually read any UFO books, nor have I heard about this event before. It seems rather interesting, though. I love reading about true life events, especially quirky ones like this. I think I’ll keep this one on my reading list.

    1. Yeah this is a pretty famous case in UFO circles Steph, and this is probably the best book I have come across that actually covers it in detail 🙂

  9. Hi Chris, great review! When I saw that you had another review I leaped in quickly – UFO’s, extra terrestrials, the unexplained and all things beyond our human scope of perception has interested me from a young age. I think it’s fascinating and having had my own experiences, although nothing like alien abduction, am always ready to hear about others’ experiences. Your review has enticed me. Thanks.

    1. Hey Grant – nice to have you back here again so soon!
      Would love to sometime hear about your experiences…sounds very interesting 🙂

  10. Chris, what an amazing site you have put together! Unexplained mysteries – what better way to get the imagination going? I’ve always loved shows that feature the unexplained and the supernatural.

    I am willing to bet this book about The Hill’s experience is very interesting reading. Could Betty and Barney Hill have been abducted by aliens? I wouldn’t say I believe, but I can’t rule it out either. Maybe someday we will all find out the true answer. Until then…let the imagination wonder.

    Looking forward to checking out the other unexplained mysteries featured on your site. Keep up the brilliant work!


    1. Welcome to the site Tony!
      Really pleased you enjoyed your time here so much – look forward to speaking with you again soon 🙂

  11. Hi Chris,

    I have to admit that I have never heard about the Betty and Barney Hill UFO experience. I am an avid Sci-Fi fan and I do love good stories with aliens. Although I love Sci-Fi and I do believe that there is intelligent life some where out there, I tend not to believe people and their UFO stories. Most of them seem to be missing information and don’t add up. I do, however, enjoy reading these types of stories because they do open up the possibilities of extra terrestrial life. It is an exciting thought. I think I will pick up this book about Betty and Barney Hill because I am interested in hearing their story. Thanks for bringing this book to my attention.

    1. That’s great news Val, don’t forget to come back here once you’ve read it to leave your thoughts on it’s content 🙂

  12. Hey, Chris! Very interesting post, man!

    I have been into the study of UFO’s since I was a kid and I have never let up on it! I have read a lot before about Betty and Barney Hill!

    We actually had a Close Encounter ourselves, just one year after the Hill incident! We were traveling at night in southern Colorado, just a couple of hundred miles north of the (UFO) famous, Roswell, New Mexico.

    I can’t write about it here because I have written about it on another website and they are telling me that the content is not original.

    I’ll just say that it followed us about an hour. I was only four at the time but my Mom says there was no time lost, so I don’t think we were abducted.

    You cannot convince me that the phenomenon is not real! I am an eye witness that it happens! What they are is a whole other topic!

    There is a strange Bible verse that will really make you think! It is in Daniel 2:43 and it says, ” And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.” The context of the reference is to a future kingdom with 10 kings.

    I have my own ideas as to what the phenomenon is and plan to write either a blog or an e-book on the topic one day!

    Hey, great post, man! Very interesting! I have bookmarked your site to visit in the future!

    Keep up the good work and have a great day!

    1. Hey Donnie – thanks for stopping by and sharing!
      It’s a shame you cannot go into more detail about your encounter, sounds really interesting 🙂
      ( p.s. keep us informed on the progress of that eBook )

  13. Hello,
    I must admit I’m not a fan of science fiction but reading your post a got interested a the fact that the zeta riticuli system was not yet known before betty and barney talked about it. So might give it a try once. I never heard of this story before and you managed threw your post to give me enough hints to make me want to read it!
    Thank you, keep giving us good posts like this one.

    1. It amazes me how many people end up on this site claiming they have little interest in science fiction LOL – your secret is out 🙂
      Enjoy the book Momo!

  14. For awhile now ( couple weeks) I’ve for the first time in my life been looking at Christian ufology, and for the first time am now extending an open mind to it. Prior to these past two weeks, Christian ufology was only ever something I know about because of friends etc., and which I readily dismissed the phenomenon of the emotionally strange and unstable people. I just Loved the idea for the site.

  15. I have always been intrigued when people cover topics like alien abductions. I find it can be truth in people stories if it’s fact-based. I liked the fact that you pointed out that there’s no follow up with the abductees after a certain period of time but this book if different from the rest. I will definitely take a look at it.


  16. The Betty and Barney Hill Alien Abduction book sounded like a very good read according to your review.

    I’ve been following UFO stories for most of my life now and this story is certainly on top of the list for most who are interested in Alien Abduction.

    I have read the reports at MUFON and was always curious about the star charts Betty talked about.

    It would be of interest to me if in the book she might have expounded on those charts and the Zeta Reticuli system.
    Good review think I’m going to pick the book up.

    Do you belong to any of the UFO organizations?


    1. Hi Markus,
      I wouldn’t say I belong to any UFO organizations but I do frequently visit MUFON online to find out about the latest reports and stories ( mainly for article purposes for this site! ).

  17. Great website, and a great review of the book. There’s nothing better than unexplained mysteries. To me, letting the imagination take you away a little bit, makes you feel like a child again. Could it be true? No of course not! Well, maybe it is…. I love it. There are so many interesting things in this world which have no concrete answers. I will be reading a lot more of your articles…

  18. Great review.

    I saw a documentary on the Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience and it was very interesting watching. These sorts of topics always fascinate me.

    It also makes you wonder if it really happened with all the controversy surrounding it. I like that this book also carries on to describe Betty’s life afterwards and her research. Should make an interesting read.

  19. Your taking me way back with this one. I’ve heard about and read about the Betty and Barney case for decades. I’ve even heard options about it based totally on race (I’m from the South). The story has been well researched and is compelling. The only other story with the same level of authenticity I think are the writings of Whitley Strieber.

    Compelling as these stories are, though, I have to take a pass on believing them. There is an absolute, complete, and total lack of any such experience in my life or in the life of anyone I know. So I have no frame of reference for connecting to stories like these.

    As a writer of science fiction fantasy books and short stories you would think I would be a believer, but until I see something more, something that I can attest to being part of the here and now universe I live in, I’ll have to enjoy these books only as entertainment.

    share-a-like dot com

  20. Hi Chris! I am really glad to visit your website. This reminds me of X-Files. I never really read book regarding alien. But it seems your book review for Betty and Barney Hills is really appealing. May I know how did you get a deal from Amazon for the special discount and shipping? I really appreciate if you able to reply my comment.

    1. Oh they weren’t doing me any favors Helene – this particular book is part of an offer that’s all ( along with a few hundred other book titles on Amazon! ).

  21. Despite not being much of a believer in things i haven’t seen myself or know to be proven this did perk my interest. Aliens are a funny thing. Its almost like they must exist given the size of the universe. I like sites that review books. I still read a lot so this is cool, but its like a lost art to many.

    1. Yeah I know what you mean Chris – most people prefer to sit in front of their smart phones these days! I also love to have a good old fashioned book in my hands!

  22. Hi!
    Being a regular listener to Coast ATo Coast I am familiar with this story and all that goes with it.
    I think your review is spot on and you are correct, it is a very interesting book that is well written.
    Now, how about you?
    What are your views on the story itself?
    I really have a strong feeling SOMETHING happened, just not quite sure if I buy their explanation. 🙂


    1. Oh I’ve always gone along with their version of events Shawn – they never had anything to gain by making something like this up!

  23. Wow, I really like this site. I am surprised that you have so many categories. I personally am interested in unexplained deaths or disappearances but aliens are cool too! Half of me wants to just write these unexplained things off as bad timing or miscommunication but I have to admit the other half really has me intrigued. I enjoyed reading the UFO post.

  24. Oh man, it’s been ages since I read a good ufo book! Ever since you know which tv-series from back in the 90’s, I’ve been intrigued by this topic. Back in those days I went to the library and tried to get as much ufo books as I could, haha 🙂

    Let’s see if I can get this one for my Kindle. Thanks Chris!

  25. Oh this is perfect. I immediately loved your site simply for the way you present UFO materials. I definitely think that more people need to be open to the idea that UFOs, aliens, paranormal activities, etc are part of our natural reality. There is so many unexplained phenomenon that occur everyday in the world that it simply can’t be ruled out as impossible. You have earned yourself a bookmark mate.

  26. Very interesting. Even if I’m a believer of outer space creatures, UFO, and aliens, I’m a bit doubtful of people claiming alien abduction since there seemed to be a lot of false fabricated claims. But this still catches my attention since I’m very interested in outer space and what may be out there.

  27. Hey Chris, While I was on your site, I noticed you had a review on the Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience. For someone who is interested in UFO mythology, this is a must read. I found it to be certainly interesting and an easy read. I would recommend to anyone who may be interested. Thanks, Adam

  28. Hey, Chris! Nice review of the book. I’ll look up the e-book here in Brazil – don’t know whether it has been translated or is available locally. Do you have any information on the Varginha case here in Brazil? This was very big in the 90s around here, and I think it caught some media attention abroad as well.

  29. I absolutely adore mysteries but I’ll admit I’ve never really been into UFOs, or at least being scared of them. But this book kind of caught my interest nonetheless.

    And the fact that Betty was able to talk about the Zeta Reticuli system when it was only discovered later intrigued me as well. I’ll be sure to check this book out on my free time.

    By the way, do you have a big resource page for all of the best mysteries books/ movies etc. that will help a deal. 😉

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