The Bunny Man Legend

The Bunny Man Legend

This article will be covering the bridge near Clifton, in Virginia, that is linked to the Bunny Man legend. Is there any truth behind this popular entity or is it nothing more than an overblown urban tale?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Bunny Man Bridge Legend

Our story starts in the early 1900’s, when a lunatic asylum in Virginia was shut down leading to the criminally insane ‘tenants’ being transported to various other mental establishments in America.

One of the buses that was transporting the insane managed to somehow crash…and several of them escaped. All of the escapees are eventually rounded up except for one.

This resulted in a huge police effort to find the missing lunatic, but nothing turned up. The man had either died out in the wilderness…or had moved on to another state.

Months after this incident, locals began finding skinned rabbits hanging in the local woods. They were strung up by their hind legs and heavily mutilated – some were even partially eaten.

The local media took no time at all in jumping all over the incident – it headlined as The Bunny Man killer.

The Virginia Bunny Man

Local authorities are a little bit disturbed by this gruesome find – who was killing the rabbits in this sadistic manner?

Another police search of the area is made a little deeper into the woods…and they come across a male body hanging in the trees. He has been strung up in a similar fashion to the rabbits that were found.

A day later the search group has managed to uncover several more bodies – hanged, skinned, mutilated and yes, partially eaten.

The Virginia Bunny Man

The authorities realized that the lunatic had probably never left the area…and had been surviving on rabbit, and human flesh, for months in the woods.

In late October of that year, a few groups of policemen managed to track down the ‘Bunny Man’ in the woods. Their pursuit of him eventually led to the Colchester overpass.

The Bunny Man stands still as the police approach…then throws himself in front of an oncoming train.

The Bunny Man’s body is finally identified as the inmate that was never found – Douglas J. Griffon.

This man had been locked up in the asylum because he killed his entire family on Easter Sunday, a decade earlier.

The legend of the Virginia Bunny Man concludes that at the end of the month of October, every year, new rabbit corpses are found hanging in the woods near the Colchester overpass.

The Bunny Man has returned…

Fact or Fiction?

Many skeptics believe that the legend of the Bunny Man is just that – an urban myth made up by teenagers in the area. But there is some truth to this story…

In October, 1970, two reports were logged by local police in Burke, Virginia, regarding a man dressed up in a bunny suit who was terrorizing locals. Both reports put this man near the Colchester overpass.

The first report involved an army cadet and his lover who were parked up in their car for a bit of ‘private time’. Within minutes of pulling up the car, they noticed movement in the bushes outside.

Without warning, the passenger side window of the car was smashed through by a tall man dressed in a bunny suit. He just stood there screaming through the window at them about being on private property.

bunny man bridge clifton va

The young couple hastily drove off and stopped a few miles down the road. At this point they realized what the Bunny Man had used to smash through the car window – they found a hatchet on the car floor.

The second report happened two days before Halloween and involved a security guard working nights at a construction site. As he was doing the rounds, he was surprised to find a man in a bunny suit hacking away at a post.

The security guard asked the man in the suit what he was doing, and the man replied that the security guard was trespassing…and if he did not leave he was going to smash his head in!

That year, over 100 people eventually claimed to have spotted this strange man in a bunny suit, in the nights leading up to Halloween.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Bunny Man legend, please leave them in the comment section below.

5 comments on “The Bunny Man Legend

  1. I think that the Bunny Man is just a myth.  I think that it is probably someone who has dressed up like a bunny in order to give folks the creeps.  I’d never heard of the Bunny Man before, but I do love a good mystery.  I will chalk this legend up as just a myth.  Probably some teenagers behind it. Great and interesting story tho!

    1. Okay Matt’s Mom (I don’t know your real name, sorry!). 

      That’s your opinion and you’re welcome to share it here. 

  2. Wow this article is very interesting and pretty funny. I must say that I don’t know if this true or is it only a legend but I would get really scary to see something like a bunny man in the middle of the night. All in all, this is a great story and it deserves to be read by a lot of people – like most posts on your site (I love visiting!). 

    1. Hello once again Daniel – and we love having you here! 🙂

      Thanks for reading yet another one of our articles, and leaving your opinion. Always great to see you back here! 

  3. Dispite the truth to it…I think the urban legend is probably just another made up story….Plus it does sound pretty corney if you think about it…i mean Come On!…A crazy man dressed in a white bunny suit going around killing people with an axe….It sounds like something you would see out of a cartoon…

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