The Canneto di Caronia Fires

Canneto di Caronia Fires

In this article we will be taking a look at the mystery behind the Canneto di Caronia fires that took place early in 2004 and again, during the summer of 2014…

The Initial Fires

The strange mystery of the Canneto fires started for the first time in during January, 2004. They are reported to have gone on for just over five weeks and popped up all over the Italian village.

Numerous local residents came forward to report fires breaking out in their homes for no apparent reason.

Flames started to burst out of various household appliances – televisions exploded, a cooker was reported to have gone up in flames along with vacuum cleaners.

The Initial Fires

At first the local authorities put it down to shoddy workmanship on the electrical items in question – surely the manufacturers were behind these unusual spontaneous combustion incidents?

But the local power company decided to play it safe and cut the electricity to the area…and the strange fires continued.

April 2004

Without warning – the mysterious fires suddenly ceased…but the locals were still left feeling slightly bewildered about the continued fires AFTER the electricity was cut.

In April, 2004, the fires suddenly returned.

This new batch of spontaneous combustion incidents carried on until August, 2004.

the mysterious fires

This is when the conspiracy theorists came into play – paranormal messages, alien tampering, demonic possession of items or just plain arson…

What was happening in Canneto?

The National Research Institute decided to get involved in the matter around the 2007 mark. Some of their theories regarding unexplained high power electromagnetic emissions prompted the evacuation of the community.

The Mystery of The Canneto di Caronia Fires

To this day, experts are still scratching their heads over the strange fire-phenomena that appears at times in Canneto – the last recorded report was in the summer of 2014.

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2 comments on “The Canneto di Caronia Fires

  1. According to Wikipedia at

    “On March 5, 2015 police arrested and charged Giuseppe Pezzino, 26, with arson, conspiracy to commit fraud, and sounding a false alarm in association with the mysterious fires. His father, Antonino Pezzino, has also been implicated. The Italian military police had installed hidden cameras in the streets after the fires started again in July 2014. Video captured about 40 incidents implicating Giuseppe (and occasionally, Antonino). Further evidence was gathered by phone taps.”

    I agree with Lisa Simpson: “The simplest explanation is probably the correct one”.

    1. Hiya Fred,

      Yeah we were aware of the reports before we posted the article – these reports are where the real conspiracies begin!
      We are actually going to cover the arrests in a separate article due to locals being convinced of a setup…bundled together with the fact there were more fires last June…
      Apparently 99% of the residents believe Giuseppe was under ‘direction’ – no idea what this means but it’s the basis for a pretty wicked article!!!! (we’ll find a conspiracy in anything!) 🙂

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