The Catalina Island Giants

The Catalina Island Giants

Fifteen-year-old Ralph Glidden moved to Catalina Island way back in 1896 – it is a strip of land that is part of The Channel Islands just west of Los Angeles.

Not long after he had arrived on the island he decided to go on a search mission to find out more about his new, exciting surroundings. During this initial search he discovered a human skull protruding from an area of dirt.

This find awoke an interest in archaeology that would never leave him.

Ralph & The Giants

The young man slowly became obsessed with the archaeology of his new surroundings and during his lifetime he dug up more than 800 grave sites, finding more than 4000 human skeletons. He wanted to find out everything about these ancient native Americans that had inhabited his new island home.

Ralph also claimed that there once lived an ancient race of giants on his island. These giants had a much larger bone structure when compared to the more typical native corpses he dug up.

Catalina Island

Over time Ralph came to realise that these giants were actually worshipped by the native American islanders – He began to find their large bones carefully buried in ceremonial urns. These urns would often be found surrounded by corpses of young children.

The Catalina Island Giants – A Hoax?

Unfortunately Ralph decided to keep his findings to himself until AFTER his sponsor had dropped him. By this point the archaeology community didn’t believe a word he was saying – surely this was a desperate attempt to bring in new sponsorship?

Ralph stuck to his guns and continually backed his own findings on the giants but it was no use – his peers were not interested in the ramblings (or lies) of an amateur archaeologist.

Unfortunately not one of these peers took the time to visit the island and check out Ralph’s findings for themselves…which is very strange really!

The Truth?

Over the years numerous people have come forward stating that Ralph was telling the truth about the Catalina Island giants.

There have been reports from people claiming they were there when he uncovered one of these huge corpses and reports that he actually showcased his findings on the island itself.

It was also later reported that in 1913 a German naturalist uncovered an skeleton over eight foot in length on a neighbouring island – was this tall creature a close relation to Ralph’s Catalina Island giants?

was this tall creature a close relation to Ralph's Catalina Island giants?

In more recent times, paranormal researcher L.A. Marzulli and his co-workers decided to take up the case and find out if there was indeed any truth to Ralph’s claims.

When they arrived on the island they went through all the eye witness reports and even stumbled upon a selection of photographs.

Now these images really interested Marzulli because they showed the tall creatures having six digits (fingers) on each hand.

Marzulli noted that throughout history, tales and fables from around the world that involved giants always described them having six fingers.

Many Native American tribes claim that their ancestors did encounter these giants and they also had 6 toes and sometimes even 2 rows of teeth.

The native Americans used to greet one another by holding up their hands and speaking the word “How” or “Howgh” – many claim that this was a necessary move to find out how many fingers the other person had…

Easter Island

There was also a report from a explorer named Behrens on Easter Island in 1722. He claimed that when he and his group arrived on the island they came face to face with a tribe of 12 foot tall men. He later stated that:

“With truth I must say that these savages are more than gigantic size. The men are tall and broad in proportion averaging 12 feet in height. The tallest men on board our ship could pass between the legs of these children of Goliath without even bending their heads.”

Are these tall Easter Island tribesmen relatives to the giants of Catalina Island? Please leave your thoughts on the subject in the comment section below.

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