The Church of Mabus Radio Show

The Church of Mabus Radio Show

Today we have something a little bit different – we will be covering a paranormal and metaphysical radio show I was lucky to come across earlier this week.

By chance, I was involved in a conversation with one of it’s hosts, Jeffery Pritchett, a few days ago. He agreed to write a short post for us highlighting his paranormal platform…

The Church of Mabus

The Church of Mabus radio show is a paranormal and metaphysical radio show hosted by Jeffery Pritchett with co hosts WHAM and Jay McNicholas.

Jeffery Pritchett We have great guests on and recently just had William Birnes on from The History Channel’s UFO Hunters. We also make it a habit to have many guests on about Shamanism and love to ask them about UFOs and Bigfoot.

Speaking of Bigfoot, we also have many guests on about this subject as well. The show is Friday nights at 8pm Eastern where you can listen live or if you miss that come to the archives and listen for free anytime you want at your own leisure.

Jeffery Pritchett has been studying the paranormal for over 20 years. He started with a forum on the paranormal and UfOs after his own experiences of being healed from cancer, and his father’s death.

Seeking answers, Jeffery sought the occult like a young Dr. Frankenstein, bringing on high strange phenomena. He’s been using the Mabus name ever since, which originally was going to be the name of a heavy metal band.

That dream was eaten by the goat goblins of life, so he went on to pursue radio and journalism. Jeffery went on to write the books Praise for the Hairyman: The Secret Life of Bigfoot and Probes Happen: The Secret Life of Aliens with Andrew Colvin.

Jeffery has a Bachelor’s in Communications Science. Jeffery Pritchett formed The Church Of Mabus radio show after his experiences. The rest is history and he’s been moshing with the apocalypse ever since with the horned god of rock and roll.


If you have any questions for Jeffery please feel free to visit the The Church of Mabus and contact him directly. Alternatively, please feel free to leave any thoughts or opinions in the comment section below! 

4 comments on “The Church of Mabus Radio Show

  1. Jeffery…thanks for blocking me for no reason!!!! I didn’t unfriend you jackass.. my ex got into my acct and deleted a bunch of people. And no I’m not back with him and won’t ever be!!!! I also got quiet about my story because it’s uncomfortable to talk about it with someone you don’t know or trust. It’s a private thing and I didn’t want to tell you no about doing your show because I didn’t want you mad but I’m not wanting publicity or ridicule…just wanted help but obviously with your nasty attitude your not the person to help me!!!! So go back to your fake ass show and your stupid craigslist ads and fool someone else cause your a rude FLAKE. Dumbass.

    1. Wow okay…

      Well first off I’m Chris, not Jeffery…although I know Jeffery! I’m actually the admin/owner of the site…and this is just an article on the radio show. Do you maybe want me to see if I can contact Jeffery for you?

  2. Lol that’s one crazy bitch ! Love this site it’s very refreshing to come across among the madness of the web. Also didn’t Nostradamus predict that the last anti – Christ’s name would be an anagram of mabus? His hitler (hisler) prediction was pretty close. ……. Just saying. Maybe the evil one is right

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