The Clairvius Narcisse Zombie Case

The Clairvius Narcisse Zombie Case

Zombies are big, BIG business in Hollywood these days – and long may it last!

Yeah, I’m a fan…but then again I’m a fan of almost every horror or science fiction genre out there.

From the 1968 Romero classic Night of the Living Dead to the blockbuster series The Walking Dead – zombies seem to capture the imagination of all those who are up for a fright night.

But where did the idea for these on-screen munchers come from?

Surely there had to be some sort of reference point for these rather talented directors to work from?

Maybe the Clairvius Narcisse zombie case…

Clairvius Narcisse Felt a Little Unwell…

Clairvius Narcisse checked into the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Haiti on April the 30th, 1962. He was displaying feverish symptoms and describing a pain that felt like insects crawling all over his body.

He was obviously in a bad shape, so the staff at the hospital gave him his own private room and put him under close observation…but his condition just seemed to get worse and worse.

Within two days, doctors at the hospital had pronounced him dead.

His family were informed of the tragedy and his funeral took place several days later in L’Estere. His body was placed in a coffin with the lid nailed down and buried…

The Rising

Within days after his burial, Narcisse was dug up and awoken from his eternal sleep by a Haitian voodoo sorcerer – also known as a Bocor.

He was heavily abused until he agreed to drink a strange potion cooked up by the bocor – the potion left him in a heavily sedative state.

Rising from the grave

He was then under the power of the Bocor, and ordered to work the fields of a sugar plantation with other people in the same ‘zombie’ state.

His ordeal at the plant went on for about two years until the Bocor that held control of him, died.

Narcisse was still under the effects of the bocor but he had enough of his own mind in place to leave the plantation…

A full eighteen years later he staggered back into the local village where he was raised…in search of his sister.

The Reunion

Narcisse eventually located his long lost sister (Angelina) in the middle of a busy village market, but she did not believe or recognize him.

As he attempted to prove his identity he included a nickname that she used to call him – this was a nickname that was only ever used between the two siblings.

This nickname finally won around Angelina – she then knew that the man standing in front of her was her (dead) brother.

She took Narcisse home and immediately contacted the rest of the family – after a careful investigation, with the help of the authorities, they came to the conclusion that this was indeed Clairvius Narcisse.

I Am a Zombie!

Clairvius Narcisse had spent that full eighteen years of his life in a zombie state – he could even remember most of it.

When the newspapers came calling, Narcisse admitted that he could remember the doctors declaring him dead and the terrifying feeling of being buried alive.

He also claimed to remember the moment when the twisted Bocor dug him back up and started to abuse his vegetative body.

According to Narcisse, the Bocor in charge of the abused work-herd was actually killed by one of the zombies that had finally cracked – all of the ghostly workers had escaped that day.

I Am a Zombie!

When asked about why it had taken so long for him to return to his village, he put the blame on his brother.

Narcisse had apparently argued with his brother a few days before he started to feel ill and he thought that his jealous brother was behind the actions of the Bocor.

He had waited a full eighteen years until he received news on his brother’s death – then he returned to find his sister.

The Clairvius Narcisse Zombie Case

Now it’s over to you – what are your thoughts on this strange zombie case?

Do you feel that Clairvius Narcisse was actually under this Bocor’s spell…or do you think it was nothing more than a kind of placebo effect brought out of Haitian beliefs?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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