The Corroboree Rock Ghost

The Corroboree Rock Ghost

This article will be taking a look at the fascinating Corroboree rock ghost photo that was snapped by Adelaide Presbyterian minister R.S. Blance. Who is the ghostly female that turned up in the image once it had been developed?

The Rock Formation Area

Corroboree rock is perched about 50km east of Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. It’s an incredibly strange looking outcrop formed by dolomite, and the Arrernte Aboriginal’s consider it to be a high spiritual place of great importance to their people.

The local Aboriginal’s refuse to talk about why the area is so important to them, but it is thought that Aboriginal women, children and uninitiated men are not allowed anywhere near the outcrop.

They also advise visitors to the area not to climb the rock, although they never explain why…

Formed more than 800 million years ago by salt lakes, the outcrop is a registered sacred site and traditional owners ask that you stay on the marked out pathway to protect this special spiritual place.

The Watcher of Corroboree Rock

Adelaide Presbyterian minister R.S. Blance was on a short break in the Corroboree rock area back in 1959. He was a keen amateur photographer and he was looking to pick up some new and interesting rural shots…and he certainly managed that!

When he was at the sacred site he started snapping random photographs of the picturesque plant life and landscape. He then packed up his camera and handed over his film’s to be developed.

One of the photos stood out – and it has become a rather famous image in the paranormal world.

corroboree rock spirit

It was originally a photograph of an empty rural scene, but when it was developed…he was shocked to find the image of a person standing amongst the scrub, surrounding the open clearing.

People who look at the photograph seem to see a different version of the female captured in the shot. Some people believe that it looks like the spirit of a traditionally dressed aboriginal woman, others think it looks like a white woman dressed up in an evening gown…and many believe that it is the ghost of ancient south American priest…

The more you look at the the photo, the more changes you see in the figure standing there…

corroboree rock ghost photo

What do you think?

What do you see when you look at the watcher of Corroboree rock?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions on the Corroboree rock ghost in the comment section below.

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    1. The general consensus is that the figure is holding up a cross to it’s face, or a similar religious relic…but I see what you mean…it does kinda!

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