The Dan Aykroyd UFO Incidents

The Dan Aykroyd UFO Claims

This article will be covering the rather surprising Dan Aykroyd UFO and ‘Men in Black’ claims – has the famous funny man been a center point for alien visitation throughout his life?

Let’s take a closer look…

Dan Aykroyd

For me it’s always going to be Ghostbusters – I was born in ’75 so I was just about the right age to LOVE this 1984 release (shame about the remake!).

But, Dan Aykroyd is also famous for his roles in Saturday Night Live and the cult hit The Blues Brothers.

However, he has also claimed to have had some bizarre and paranormal experiences throughout his life…


The Alien Kind

Aykroyd insists that he has had several ‘alien’ experiences throughout his life and this led to him carrying out extensive research on the subject – he is a true believer!

He originally got interested in the subject back in 1952 when he noticed a UFO picture published in an issue of Life magazine. The image showed a group of unexplained bright lights above the US Capitol Building.


In a fascinating interview with the UFO site, Aykroyd covered the alien encounters he had experienced. The most vivid of these experiences took place when he was living in upstate New York in the mid-1980’s.

He claims that his wife informed him one morning that he had sat up suddenly in the middle of the night and told her that ‘They are calling me, I want to go outside’.

Shocked, she immediately tried to find out who he was talking about – who was calling him outside?

He told her that ‘something’ was making contact with him, trying to get him to go outside.

When they turned on the news the next morning, they heard that this strange midnight occurrence had happened to others in upstate New York, Quebec, and Vermont. Numerous individuals had woken up in the night with the urge to get outside…

Men in Black

The ‘Men in Black’ incident happened when Aykroyd was in the middle of a phone call with Britney Spears – she was due to make an appearance on Saturday Night Live. He looked over towards his parked car during the conversation and noticed two men dressed in black standing right next to it.

He finished the phone call seconds later, but the two men had now vanished.

Men in Black

Later, the producers of a UFO program in which he was involved with, told him that they had been forced to cancel the show under mysterious circumstances.

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