The Dark Shadows of Carey Mansion

The Dark Shadows of Carey Mansion

Fans of the 1960’s television series Dark Shadows will recognize the Carey Mansion instantly – it was the building used on the program for the external shots of ‘Collinwood’.

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the property and the paranormal events that have been linked to it…

Carey Mansion

When it was first built, the Carey Mansion went under the name of Seaview Terrace – it was one of a group of mansions built on Rhode Island.

At the time there was a certain degree of prestige linked to the house you lived in – the more money you had, the more elaborate, and strange, your home would look!

A man named Edson Bradley was behind the construction of Seaview Terrace back in the 1920’s. He was a rich whiskey businessman who had built a stunning home in Washington D.C.

When he finally decided to move to Rhode Island he located a house on a block of land know as Seaview. He shipped his old Washington home over to the island and somehow managed to attach it to the house that already stood there!

Edson Bradley and his wife died in the early 30’s, leaving the property to their daughter Julia.

Unfortunately, Julia was not exactly what you’d call a ‘financial genius’…and she managed to lose the property through tax mistakes.

Carey Mansion

When it was sold in 1949 it was valued at over 2 million dollars…but it only sold for $8000.

Whoever bought the property, seemed to have little interest in it, and the mansion started to fall into a dilapidated state.

It eventually served as a girl’s school…but it was still allowed to slip further into disrepair.

Between 1966 and 1971 it was used for the external shots in Dark Shadows, when the producers stumbled across it by chance.

The Dark Shadows of Carey Mansion

The paranormal activity seems to have started when Carey Mansion was being used as a girl’s school. Several members of the school staff firmly believed that Edson Bradley’s wife, who loved the property, had decided to stay and haunt it.

When she lived in the Mansion she used to play on a wonderful an Estey Organ, bought for her by Edson. Unfortunately, this organ remained in the house and slumped into disrepair with it.

But, every now and again, the organ comes to life and plays a tune or two – with no console to control it or player behind the keys. Many people believe that this is the ghost of Julia Bradley, trying to bring the wonderful instrument back to life again!

The Dark Shadows of Carey Mansion

In 1974, the mansion was sold to Martin Carey…but this man obviously had no idea how much money it was going to cost to restore…so he sold it on to the Salve Regina University.

It was around about this time that the paranormal reports returned – ghostly footsteps were constantly heard throughout the building and numerous shadow people have been reported (quite fitting really!).

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4 comments on “The Dark Shadows of Carey Mansion

  1. Seaview Terrace, aka Carey Mansion, has been privately owned by the Carey family since 1974. The lease to Salve was terminated in 2009 and remains the largest privately owned property in the area. The owners request their privacy be honored. This property is NOT open to the public in any way.

    1. An interesting and intriguing comment – your email address suggests that you have some sort of link to the property?

  2. I lived there during the summer of 92 and I can tell you the place is HAUNTED! Lights fans radios turn on, doors open when you know it was locked, noises from all directions! Sad it is no longer leased by Salve but I hope it’s being maintained!!

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