The Davelis Cave

The Davelis Cave

In this article we will be covering the paranormal reports of the Davelis Cave of Mount Penteli, Greece – also known as the Cave of Pendeli or the Ntavelis’s Cave…

Inexplicable Paranormal Events

The Davelis Cave sits on Mount Penteli, near Athens, and over the centuries it has gathered more than it’s fair share of strange paranormal incidents.

The cave branches off into a quite wonderful tunnel system that runs deep beneath the mountain. One of these main tunnels runs directly to a clearing that contains a picturesque body of water.

This pond has been linked with numerous accounts of worship to the Greek god Pan – the Greek patron of shepherds that is said to appear as a half human/half goat entity.

The paranormal reports seem to have started back in the 1800’s, when a bandit named Ntavelis used the tunnels as a hideout for his men. Once he died – the strange events seemed to start.

Local Reports

For over two centuries, natives to the cave area have reported strange glowing orbs and ghostly figures that seem to travel in a sea of mist.

Local Reports

There have also been several reports describing a twisted sheep-like creature that disappears when people attempt to make contact with it.

Numerous locals have attempted to catch these strange entities on film, but for some reason…cameras don’t (or won’t) work in certain sections of the cave…

Government Involvement

During the mid 80’s, the cave was closed off to the public without warning – the government claim that they were attempting expand on the tunnel system within the site (nobody knows why?).

When questioned about this, the government refused to say what agencies were involved directly…but certain NATO officials were said to have been spotted at the site.

The government worked stopped suddenly – without warning.

Caves that they were digging were left half-completed – they just led straight into solid stone walls.

Some of the heavy digging equipment was abandoned inside the cave and many of the older tunnels were completely sealed off.

Something took place within the caves that caused the government to stop working there…and never return.

It’s worth noting that a collection of cancer treatment drugs were found in some of the abandoned government machinery.


Paranormal investigators became even more enthralled by the area when they learned about the government’s involvement – many investigations followed.

In one instance, investigators discovered a line of footprints embedded in the concrete of one of the new tunnels. These footprints led straight up to a solid rock face (dead end wall) and abruptly stopped!

There were no footprints leading backwards – it was as if the person had walked right through this dividing tunnel wall.


Another investigation located a rather creepy doll on the nearly impassable mountainside near the cave’s entrance. This doll was taken for further investigation, but the following day, another identical doll was found in the exact same spot as the first one!

The Secrets of the Davelis Cave

From vehicles that impossibly float up the mountainside – to explorers who seem to disappear into thin air…

Nobody knows what is behind the strange secrets of this ancient cave.

The location has now become a hot-spot for New Age practitioners and various satanic groups. There have been numerous reports of sacrificial animal carcasses turning up inside the cave.

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  1. I was there. I was looking for information regarding the tunnels i found inside the cave. This article covered it good.

    Me and a friend went there, im not superstitious but we got a really strange feeling being there espesially right in the entrance of the cave. The tunnels are all the way inside and up and inside a “wall”. Then you have to crawl trough the whole wich leads to a ladder going straight down into the dark. I ofcourse didnt venture further since i was missing climbing gear. But i SOO wanna go back and climb down. Really strange that its actually NO pictures around online from the tunnels.

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