The David Icke Global Conspiracy

The David Icke Global Conspiracy

I’ve been truly fascinated by this man since he first voiced his opinions back in the 80’s (at least I think it was the 80’s – I was young at the time!), which resulted in a tidal wave of ridicule landing on his front doorstep…which has never really gone away.

But does he care?

Nope, not one bit by the looks of things!

In my book he’s a very brave man, and I also find him quite intelligent.

In this post we will be taking a look at a BBC interview that tackles the David Icke global conspiracy theories, with the man himself, first released on May the 21st, 2016…


David Icke Talks Conspiracy Theories With The BBC

Okay, this is a rather typical BBC News interview so don’t expect the journo in charge of the interview here (I think his name is Andrew Neil) to give Icke an easy time of it. Here is the blurb contained in the video description:

“David Icke is asked about conspiracy theories around 9/11 and lizards in Buckingham Palace. The former footballer and TV presenter spoke to Andrew Neil, Liz Kendall and Michael Portillo about theories. He said “much of it is backed up by hard factual information” when he looked at George Osborne and David Cameron on the EU, and what really happened over Tony Blair and the UK government’s actions over the Gulf War.”



I find it really hard to pinpoint my interest in David Icke, sometimes I am completely taken in by him…whilst other times I’m left shaking my head.

What I do know is that he is onto something, MOST of the time.

The man has been subjected to mountains of ridicule over the years but that really doesn’t seem to phase him.

What I have noticed is that a lot of the skeptics tend to be people that haven’t even read any of his books in great detail, and they don’t realise that he provides irrefutable evidence time and time again. He is constantly able to back up his theories with fact – no matter how thin that fact!


Anyway, if this is your first introduction to David Icke, you may want to think about reading a past article we published on him HERE before watching the interview above (that’s not a necessity – you can just watch the video if you want!!!). 🙂

I was thinking of including this interview in the documentary section of this website but it seemed a little too short in run-time overall, so I decided to make a post out of it instead!

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject, please leave them in the comment section below.

6 comments on “The David Icke Global Conspiracy

  1. I have never heard of David Ickle but I do enjoy reading conspiracies. What was his theory on 9/11 and lizards in Buckingham Palace?

    In general, I’m not one to believe all these conspiracies even though I enjoy reading them. I think life doesn’t always have a dark creepy side to it. However, I enjoyed the read and the video, he seems like a really interesting chap! 

    1. Hi Hollie! 

      Oh yes, he has numerous opinions on 9/11 and lizards in Buckingham Palace. We should be covering these opinions at some point in the future in an article. 

  2. I also wonder why people label such things as conspiracy theories when in fact, there are probabilities they may be true! 

    I happened to read the book by Sutton on Illuminati and I can say, based on the events that had happened and what is happening right now, what he said are true. So, why can’t people just avoid saying “conspiracy theories” and give them the benefit of a doubt? 

    They should try to discern like we did.

    About David Icke, can you recommend a book he has written so I can check it out in Amazon?

    1. Oh man, there are so many books out there by him at the moment Gomer – all of them offer something fascinating. I think your best bet is to just enter his name into the Amazon search bar and see what takes your fancy. 

  3. Hi Chris – thanks for sharing this interesting article. I am old enough to remember when all the controversy started around David Icke, and at that time he certainly became a bit of a laughing stock, with his beliefs that many humans, especially those in positions of power, were actually reptiles! However, I have to admit he is a very convincing speaker, and it is not surprising that he has many devoted followers. All the best, Diane

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