The Dhekelia Barracks Alien Encounter

The Dhekelia Barracks Alien Encounter

In this article we will be looking at an alien encounter report by an unnamed NCO at Dhekelia barracks in Cyprus, during September 1968. This incident apparently left the NCO in question with a rare case of PTSD

Dhekelia Barracks

The NCO was awoken by the barking of one of the Turkish Wolfhound’s that worked at the barracks – the NCO got up immediately as he suspected there was an intruder somewhere in the complex.

He took note of the time – 3am.

He called the dog into his room but it instantly crawled underneath the bunk, and began to whimper and whine.

The NCO was suddenly aware that there was someone directly outside his room – a strange humming sound was coming from the corridor behind his door. He decided to arm himself and slowly open the door…

On the wooden stairs close to his room, he thought he saw someone coming up. Not someone, but some…thing.

The Visitor

When the NCO managed to focus in on this intruder…he was left rooted to the spot in fear.

He found himself standing in front of bright orange face that seemed to incline forwards. It had large, unblinking eyes and a plume of fiery red hair.

The face seemed to be twisted into some sort of demonic scowl – whatever this was…it was not pleased to be discovered.

The ‘entity’ was also wearing some sort of uniform or ‘spacesuit’ – it was a strange bright blue material that had no cuffs or a collar.

Dhekelia Barracks

The soldier’s fear was finally overcome when the creature reached the top of the stairs…and turned it’s head a full 180 degrees to look directly at him.

As the head turned, the body stayed still.

The NCO dived back into his room and slammed the door shut…but where was his gun? He grabbed for his nearby spear-gun and crouched down on the floor…waiting.

The humming noise increased in intensity and seemed to position itself outside the soldier’s door.

Without thinking, he fired directly through the door…the noise stopped.

The Terrified Soldier 

For the next few hours, the NCO sat at the end of his bunk – too terrified to make a sound.

Eventually a relief solider turned up to swap shifts and immediately contacted the commanding officer.

The NCO went through vigorous medical and psychological tests but he seemed to be in perfect health…aside from a temporary muscular paralysis.

The barrack’s dog also survived it’s ordeal, but was no longer fit for work in the army. It lived out the rest of it’s life a nervous wreck – jumping and whimpering at any sudden sounds.

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    1. Unfortunately I have no idea Kellie – this is quite a hard subject to research as there is a lot of misinformation about it online! All we could gather, that was 100% solid, is the info we’ve included in the article!!! 🙁

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