The Dover Demon Legend

The Dover Demon Legend

In this article we will be looking at the strange case from Massachusetts that cryptozoologist Loren Coleman eventually dubbed the ‘Dover Demon legend’…

First Contact

On April the 21st, 1977, a group of teenagers in Dover, Massachusetts, encountered a beast that would haunt them to this day.

William Bartlett along with friends Mike Mazzocca and Andy Brodie, were out for a evening drive when at about 10.30pm, William spotted what looked like a strange dog or cat, perched on a stone wall.

As Bartlett turned his Volkswagen to pass the wall, it’s headlights glanced over the perched animal….this was certainly NOT a cat or dog…

The Creature

The animal stood at approximately 3 feet tall and had a large melon-shaped head with two large orange eyes, that seemed to shine in the darkness.

Its massive head was supported by a surprisingly thin neck that was attached to a oblong torso, from which sprouted long, spindly limbs.

dover demon sighting

So it was humanoid, but strangely out of porportion. It had peach colored skin that seemed to have a wet gleam to it.

Mazzocco and Brodie were both in conversation with one another, so they missed the creature in the headlights, although they both vouched for the sincerity of their friend’s emotion at his sighting.

Two Hours Later…

At about 12:30am,  15-year-old John Baxter was making the journey home from his girlfriend’s house on Millers Hill Road. He was roughly about a mile into his journey when he noticed a short dark figure walking towards him on the road.

Baxter thought it was a local lad he knew, that lived in the area, and shouted out to his mate in greeting…there was no response and the figure stopped dead in it’s tracks, about 15 feet away from Baxter.

Baxter tried once again to communicate with the boy, but there was still no response, he slowly stepped forward to take a closer look, and the figure darted off down the road.

Baxter gave chase – something was obviously wrong with this boy…maybe he could help?

When the figure reached the open field on the side of the road, Baxter got his first real glimpse of it’s silhouette…and stopped dead in his tracks.

The creature was humanoid, and had long spindly limbs which it was using to grab onto a nearby tree trunk. It also had extremely long toes that curled around the rock it was standing on, for support.

Baxter turned and ran for home, fast.

Demon leaning against a tree

The Following Night…

Fifteen-year-old Abby Brabham was in the car with eighteen-year-old Will Taintor, who was kindly giving her a lift home.

All of a sudden, she spotted a strange creature at the side of the road – she only caught a glimpse, but it was enough to shock her through to her bones.

She described the same oval head, with spindly limbs, but she also pointed out that the only features the head had, was the two orange eyes.

The Investigation

Cryptozoologists Loren Coleman, Walter Webb, Joseph Nyman, and Ed Fogg, decided to take up the case. They were more than impressed with the amount of information they managed to gather off the witnesses.

Numerous ‘heads’ of the community came out to back the character’s of the teenagers involved – apparently, all of them were decent, hard working kids that did not lie.

Explanations for the Dover Demon range from an escaped zoo monkey, to a breed of moose and a heavily diseased fox – none of these theories sat well with the cryptozoologists involved in the case.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Dover Demon legend, please leave them in the comment section below.

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