The Eilean Mor Lighthouse Mystery

The Eilean Mor Lighthouse Mystery

This article will be covering the Eilean Mor lighthouse mystery from 1900, when three men (Thomas Marshall, James Ducat and Donald Macarthur) vanished without a trace.

The island, which makes up part of the Flannan Isles, has a long history of supernatural reports/incidents…

The Paranormal Island

The island of Eilean Mor makes up the biggest area of the Flannan Isles – a small cluster of islands that are situated about 65 miles to the north-west of Scotland.

Locals to the area swear blind that this remote island is a central point for supernatural happenings, and they frequently tell tales about the ‘little people’ who used to inhabit the isle.

These strange people were said to be in command of strong paranormal abilities and they lived side by side a group of extremely large birds.

This small race of people spoke in a strange dialect and were revered by locals who visited the island.

Even in modern times, these ‘little’ people have still been spotted on occasion – some believe they are aliens, whilst others believe they are Scottish ‘Fey Folk’ (fairies, pixies, elves).

The Paranormal Island

The Eilean Mor Mystery

The lighthouse on the island started construction in 1896, and three years later it was launched into full action.

When the lighthouse was finished, it was the only real working property on the island. Apart from it, all that remained was the ruins of a chapel and several old houses.

The mystery begins when three men who were working at the lighthouse were discovered missing. On the night of the 15th of December, 1900, a passing American steamer reported that the lighthouse seemed to be faulty.

It usually beamed out a shot of light every thirty seconds, but on this particular night – the light was not flashing at all!

Thomas Marshall, James Ducat and Donald Macarthur were the three men on shift in late December 1900.

A relief vessel finally managed to arrive at the island on the 26th of December – it was due a week earlier, but bad weather had hampered it’s plans.

The ship carried a man by the name of Joseph Moore – a lighthouse worker who was sent to replace one of the three men on the island.

Joseph Moore

When Moore finally arrived at the lighthouse, he found that the entrance of the main compound and the main door to the lighthouse were closed and unlocked.

He decided to search the kitchen area – the three men were probably there, having a chat or some food.

He discovered the area empty – the main clock had stopped, there was a half eaten meal on the kitchen table and an overturned chair. It seemed as though whoever was in the kitchen at the time…had left in a hurry.

Moore eventually had to return to the relief vessel, and grab a few members to help him run the lighthouse.

The Eilean Mor Mystery

They managed to do a complete sweep of the lighthouse area in the end. Lamps were clean and had been re-filled, a set of oilskins were found and a half-starved canary was the only sign of life discovered.

The men’s oilskin coats were left on their pegs – if they had gone outside…they had gone into the bad island weather without them!

The Northern Lighthouse Board arrived at the island to carry out their own investigation, a few days later. They found various lengths of rope scattered in the rocks all over the island, and portions of iron railings had been bent out of shape.

They also took note of a huge piece of cliff face rock that had somehow been dislodged, and had fallen onto the shipping landing area below.

What Happened?

The Board finally came to the conclusion that the three lighthouse workers had left the lighthouse together, disregarding rules stating that the three were never to be outside in a group.

They had probably noticed that their rope storage had been broken, and that the ropes were now being washed out to sea. They left the lighthouse in a hurry, to rescue the equipment, but were washed away by a freak wave.

The locals were not convinced.

Over the years, numerous ‘investigators’ who interviewed locals connected to island, found out that most people believed that Moore had ‘exaggerated’ his report to cover up what had really happened.

Theories included a giant squid or octopus devouring the men, a long-submerged ship and its ghostly crew moored at the island and took the men, and the ‘little people’ returned to the island…and decided to punish the three workers for disregarding their laws and practices.

Several ufologists have also suggested that the men were abducted by aliens who landed on the island.

What do you think happened to Thomas Marshall, James Ducat and Donald Macarthur?

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