The Exorcism of Latoya Ammons


The Exorcism of Latoya Ammons

There have been a handful of real demonic possession cases over the last couple of years that have really taken my eye. One of these cases happens to be the exorcism of Latoya Ammons and it’s the case we are going to discuss here today…

The Latoya Ammons Story

The Latoya Ammons story started off in December 2011 about a month after the family moved into their new home on Carolina Street in Gary, Indiana.

Not long after the family settled into their new property they noticed rather peculiar happenings that could not be explained. They were deep into the winter season but for some reason their house was becoming infested with flies.

Latoya Ammons
Latoya Ammons

Soon after, they began to hear footsteps climbing the basement stairs and banging on various doors inside the house. Latoya’s grandmother ( Rosa Campbell ) had also moved into the house with the family and she had a terrifying experience not long after the noises started.

She awoke one night through a feeling of fear and was drawn to the living room area of the house. When she arrived there she noticed a spectral figure of a man pacing around the room.

She screamed and entered to the room to try and scare this man off but as soon as she got through the doorway he disappeared. All that was left of this strange visitor was a set of wet footprints on the living room floor.

Suddenly things went from bad to worse as the Ammons family noticed terrible gooey like substances spread all over their possessions – they began to suspect a demonic presence had invaded their home.

Three Months Later…

By March 2012 the Latoya Ammons story had developed into something out of a terrifying Hollywood script. The demonic presence had evolved into something very powerful and it seemed to be targeting the children.

One night as Latoya and Rosa sat downstairs chatting they heard a piercing scream rise from one of the kid’s bedroom. When they entered the room they were confronted by Latoya’s 12 year old daughter levitating above her bed in a demonic trance.

Latoya's 12 year old daughter levitating
Latoya’s 12 Year Old Daughter Was Found Levitating Above Her Bed

When the young girl was finally released she fell back to the bed and woke up instantly. Latoya and Rosa quizzed the girl about what had happened but she had no recollection of the incident happening at all.

Purge The Home of Demons

Enough was enough and the terrified mother sought the help of the church in an attempt to banish this demonic force. Their local priest told them that they must purge the house of demons by making use of bleach and ammonia. He also told them to make the sign of a cross in olive oil on every door and window.

This advice was completely useless to the Ammons family and the demon activity still threatened the family on a daily basis. They managed to locate a pair of clairvoyants and invited them around to take a look at the house.

The pair accepted the invitation and arrived soon after to see if they could help with the family’s situation. After their psychic investigation they concluded that the Ammons home was being tormented by at least 200 different demonic entities.

The Clairvoyants advised the family to build a small Christian alter in the basement of their home and leave a open bible on it. They were also told to invest in some ceramic figurines of Christ and his parents ( Mary & Joseph ) and place them in the basement as well.

Unfortunately, real demonic possession cases are not that easy to rectify…

The Children

Latoya’s three children seemed to be the target for these invisible forces. Her 12 year old daughter continued to levitate in a trance at times and often complained about being held down and choked by something otherworldly.

Her younger son ( 7 years old ) was caught inside his bedroom closet talking to thin air. When they quizzed him about who he was talking to he told them it was another young boy. He then went on to explain that this young boy was telling him ‘what it feels like to be killed’.

real demonic possession cases
The Children Began to Exhibit Signs of Possession

Before long the children began to exhibit signs of possession as their eyes would bulge out of their heads and glare at nothing in particular. It even got to the point where their voices began to change into deep, manly voices.

Not knowing what else to do the Latoya took her children to see Geoffrey Onyeukwu – her local, family doctor. The doctor began to examine the family until the 7 year old boy began to growl uncontrollably.

When the doctor tried to calm him down he then proceeded to curse at the doctor before being slammed into the office wall by and unknown force. All of a sudden his brother followed him and both ended up passed out on the office floor.

The Exorcism of Latoya Ammons

A priest named Father Michael Maginot finally got involved with this strange case and eventually arranged the the exorcism of Latoya Ammons.

He was the priest at Saint Steven, Martyr Parish in Merriville, Indiana and he quickly came to the conclusion that it was actually Latoya that was possessed by a demonic force.

She was a strong, religious woman and he declared that her beliefs were controlling the children. He contacted his bishop ( Bishop Melezek ) but was disappointed to find out that he was not allowed to carry out a full exorcism.

The Priest however could and did perform a minor exorcism on the family but the results were not what he was looking for – he actually managed to make things a little worse!

He reported back to Bishop Melezek and pleaded with him for permission to carry out a full exorcism. This time the bishop had a full report on proceedings and was astonished to find out that the demon Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies was being linked to the possession.

He had no other choice but to grant permission for the exorcism of Latoya Ammons to go ahead. There were three lengthy exorcisms in all – two of them in English and then the final one in Latin just to be sure.

Shortly after these three exorcisms the Ammons family were declared free of demonic forces. Unfortunately Latoya Ammons still faced a DCS case regarding what her children had been through but that was closed in February of 2013.

The family now live peacefully in Indianapolis…

If you have any opinions on the Latoya Ammons story or know of any similar real demonic possession cases please feel free to use the comment section below.

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