The Exorcist Movie Curse

The Exorcist Movie Curse

This article will be taking a look at The Exorcist movie curse that seems to have latched itself onto the 1973 horror release.

Did this classic movie actually manage to manifest it’s own evil entity?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Exorcist

Released in 1973, The Exorcist was dubbed as ‘the scariest movie of all time’, and not without reason. Even by today’s twisted horror standards – it still holds a unique eeriness that grips the audience.

My father actually went to the cinema, by himself, to watch it. Myself and my sister were near enough babies and my mother and father were visiting relatives in Cardiff.

On the Saturday morning, my mother suggested that my dad take a trip into the city – grab himself some time away from the kids…so he did (and who could blame him!).

The Exorcist

Anyway, he decided to go to the cinema to see what all the fuss surrounding the movie was about…and he was shocked by what he saw when he got there.

The early showing had already screened…and several St. John’s Ambulance services were parked up outside…treating shocked members of the audience.

To this day – he claims it was a complete bloodbath of people fainting and swooning outside the cinema…

That’s how far ahead of it’s time The Exorcist was – people could not digest what they had just seen.

Was The Exorcist Movie Cursed?

Okay, back to the ‘guts’ of the matter (pun intended!) – was The Exorcist movie cursed?

Actress Ellen Burstyn, who played the possessed Regan’s mother in the movie, has been quoted as saying “there was an enormous amount of deaths connected with the film”.

In a later interview she admitted that she believed there were a total of nine deaths linked in some way to the famous horror movie.

The most famous of these deaths was that of Jack MacGowren – the guy who played Burke Dennings in the movie. He was only 55 years of age and tragically passed before the film was even released (his character also dies in the movie!).

Another two actors from the movie, died shortly after filming concluded…along with several of the crew.

Was The Exorcist Movie Cursed?

Burstyn herself suffered a bad injury during a stunt in the film – it left her with a permanent injury to her spine and her coccyx…

The stunt was played halfway through a scene where her possessed daughter, Regan, throws her from the bed with paranormal force.

The scream you hear in the movie is actually the scream Burstyn made when she injured herself – they decided it was so horrible, they would leave it in there!

Jason Miller (Father Karras) and the book’s author, William Peter Blatty, both recall occasions when large sections of the cast and crew witnessed objects move about on their own accord.

Blatty insists that the telephone used to communicate between the set and the production house rose into the air and fell to the floor on several occasions…

As if an invisible force was picking it up and calmly dropping it on the floor!

An Exorcism on The Exorcist!

The movie had a religious technical adviser named Thomas Bermingham, and before long, cast and crew members started pleading with him to carry out some sort of service on the set.

In short – they wanted him to exorcise the whole film project!

An Exorcism on The Exorcist!

Bermingham said no – he was already aware that large sections of the film’s crew were spooked…an exorcism would surely push them over the edge?

The following day, the set burned to the ground and Birmingham relented…blessing the set, cast and crew.

The Exorcist Movie Curse

When the movie was finally released it was immediately followed by religious outrage and hatred – many of the actors ended up having personal bodyguards assigned to them for well over a year.

There are rumors of members of the audience falling seriously ill when watching the movie, injuries leading to Warner Bros. being sued…

…and even a 400 year old cross in Rome being struck by lightening, right next to a cinema showing early screenings of the movie.

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